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  • Merk: Lervig
  • Lervig 3 Bean Stout

    € 3,84
  • Lervig Konrad's Stout

    € 2,94
  • Lervig Toasted Maple Stout

    € 3,96
  • Lervig Dark Orbit

    € 2,80
  • Lervig Saskatoon Cheescake...

    € 3,91
  • Lervig Nitro Latte

    € 5,12
  • Lervig Paragon 2018

    € 13,20

    "Our Barley Wine is the most special beer we make, being produced only once every year. It’s a blend of different bourbon barrel-aged vintages that have spent more than a year in wood. We blend the different barrels, and add a bit of freshly brewed Barley Wine to obtain the best possible version.

    This year, the Barley Wine was brewed using a double-boil technique in which we evaporate the beer to a high concentration of sugar, add water back to the wort, and then boil it down again to increase Maillard reaction processes and build up some intense caramelization. We went easy on the hops to allow the malt and bourbon characteristics inherited from the barrels to be the champions of this beer."

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  • Lervig / Track Cheap Lunch

    € 4,42

    Imperial stout with peanut butter, chocolate, vanilla and caramel

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  • Lervig / North Nitro Hot...

    € 4,72

    "We’ve brewed twice in Leeds with North Brew Co., so were delighted when they were able to come to Stavanger and brew with us. The first two brews we made together were fruited sours, so this time we decided to go for a big stout… we like stouts, and we know North like stouts - so it was a no brainer. But to change things up a little we agreed to try our collective hands at a Nitro… So in true Lervig / North fashion we made an extremely decadent and bold stout. On top of that we added about 3 times the normal amount of cocoa nibs to get the deepest most natural chocolate flavour we possibly could. Tasting great in the tank… time to run it on the cans! We were super excited to test our new widget cans out."