List of products by brand Brauerei Jan Kemker

  • Kemker / Elixer Wuortel

    € 11,83

    "Wuortel is the amalgamation of foraged herbs, local hops and grains - a balanced sour beer with fresh and spicy notes from the herbs. The base beer is a wild carrot gruit beer that we brewed together with Nienke and Robbert Hartholt (Elixer Bier) and Oliver Witt (Hopfengarten Lünen). We blended this with two Aoltbeer barrels. The beers in this blend matured on average for 12 months in red wine barrels"

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  • Kemker Aawergloowen

    € 11,27

    "The cat as a symbol for superstition. Beers brewed with herbs are seen as occult these days. Aawergloowen is a blend f barrel-aged gruit and farmhouse beers. Resulting in a fruity and flowery beer with a balanced acidity."

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  • Kemker Aenne

    € 5,17

    "Aenne is our hoppy Saison. Brewed with a good amount of Styrian Golding hops in the coolship. Notes of citrus, pine and green tea."

  • Kemker Aoltbeer

    € 8,92
  • Kemker Aoltbeer 2019-02

    € 11,74

    This Münstersch Altbier is brewed with aged hops, barley, wheat and spelt. It is aged for months in wooden barrels. This blend was aged in red wine barrels.

  • Kemker Aoltbeer 2020-02

    € 7,15

    This Münstersch Altbier is brewed with aged hops, barley, wheat and spelt. It is aged for months in wooden barrels.. This particular blend was aged with plums. This blend shows stonefruit, almonds, spice and minerality

  • Kemker Aoltbeer Pâté

    € 5,61
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  • Kemker Appel Aenne

    € 9,88

    Blend of Farmhouse Cider and Hoppy Saison Aenne.

  • Kemker Bruun

    € 11,27

    "Bruun is a darker beer fo the more heartier moments in life. Brewed with wholecone Tettnanger hops and mugwort. Malty, fruity and with a balanced acidity."

  • Kemker Fliärblome

    € 4,84

    Fliärblome is a blend of spontaneous wheat beer with elderflowers and young Aoltbeer. Sour and refreshing with the taste of elderflowers.

  • Kemker Smauk

    € 11,71

    Dark Sour Ale brewed with oak smoked malts. After boiling the beer was allowed to cool down with the night air in a coolship. After one year in barrels this beer came with notes of bitter chocolate, wood and blood orange.

  • Kemker Stadt Land Bier

    € 8,72

    "Stadt Land Bier is our canvas for an easy drinking Saison. This batch was brewed with German Tettnanger and Belgian Centennial hops. Fermented with our houseculture in red wine barrels." Batch 2019-02