• DDVD Korenaar Extase

    € 2,77
    : 3
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  • Lervig Supersonic

    € 5,76
  • L'Ermitage DIPATOUT

    € 3,21
    : 1

    Hazy DIPA with loads of Simcoe, Mosaic et Amarillo

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  • La Source Louve

    € 3,50

    "A Double IPA brewed with a generous base of spelt, oats, pilsner and vienna that has been double dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc, Citra and Sabro. A pleasant hop Uppercut..."

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  • Surréaliste Double Trouble

    € 3,03

    "mperial India Pale Ale hopped with Citra, Mosaic, Galaxy and Nelson. Malted wheat and flaked oats balance the enormous hop charge. A bitter kiss with a soft and juicy mouthfeel. Dangerously drinkable."

  • Peninsula Galactic Sunset

    € 4,27

    "A huge amount of Galaxy Hops and Maris Otter malt make this DIPA (Double IPA) the perfect companion to enjoy the sunset from anywhere on Earth or anywhere else in the galaxy. It has a copper color very similar to the shades of the sunsets that Luke Skywalker contemplated during his upbringing in Tatooine."

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  • IPA: V / Citra-Mosaic: V /...

    € 3,03

    "7% West Coast IPA with Cascade Cryo, Chinook and Idaho 7 hops"

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  • Galway Bay Of Foam And Fury

    € 2,82

    "DIPA with Chinook, Mosaic & Simcoe."

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  • Peninsula / Rio Azul Entre...

    € 3,40

    Oat Imperial Stout without adjuncts.

  • Peninsula Mango Y Pasión

    € 4,52

    DIPA with Mango and Passion Fruit

  • Gross Gravel

    € 5,32
    : 1
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    € 2,44

    "A tribute to hops from beyond the great water. Essential beer with caramel fullness and strongly marked bitterness. It captivates with a hops aroma with a herb and resin accent along with tropical fruit. For lovers of clear bitterness."

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  • Galway Bay / Prizm Caveat

    € 4,32

    "Caveat DIPA is a collaboration with our good friends Prizm Brewing Co from Montpellier, France. Packed full of some of our favourite hops, layered on a base of Maris Otter, Wheat & Oats. Caveat envelops the senses with a beautiful aromatic melange of Passionfruit, Oranges & Weed. Santé! "

  • Axiom Hop Charger

    € 3,56

    "The winter is coming to an end, and, after liters of stouts, porters, bocks and other malt-oriented styles, we started to miss hops. And we made up for it, big time. Let us instroduce the Hop Charger! A classic Double IPA like we like it - citruses, tropical fruits, piney notes and refreshing hoppy bitterness in a crispy, medium body. Let´s recharge our hop taste buds all the way to 100 %!"

  • The Garden Hazy Double IPA  09
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    The Garden Hazy Double IPA 09

    € 4,06
    : 1

    "Big waves of citrus and ripe stone fruits. Packed with Mosaic, Sabro & Amarillo hops"

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  • The Garden / Letra Hazy Double IPA  10
    • Nieuw

    The Garden / Letra Hazy...

    € 4,06

    "Juicy and refreshing with a complex and resinous hop character of soft fruits & berries."

  • The Garden West Coast Double IPA
    • Nieuw

    The Garden West Coast...

    € 4,06

    "Big notes of Melon and Citrus with a long lasting and oily finish."

  • Lervig / DEYA Group Dynamic
    • Nieuw

    Lervig / DEYA Group Dynamic

    € 3,60

    "In August, we teamed up with DEYA Brewing Co. (UK) and after careful consideration and thoughtful attention to detail we came up with Group Dynamic – a gluten-free Double IPA unlike any other where freshness and clarity of flavour and aroma are the key parameters. Hopped with Cryo Citra, Simcoe and Nelson Sauvin the flavours are simultaneously dank and tropical but well-balanced by a lusciously thick and juicy mouthfeel."