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  • Hibernata Festuca

    € 14,01

    "Farmhouse ale Festuca hides a wealth of subtle shades of flavours and colours in a simple cloak, forming together a little feast. Aged for nearly a year in an oak barrel with wild yeast and on a dry grain body, it pearls with slightly tart bitterness of flowers and citrus."

  • Hibernata Hypsikerós

    € 15,91

    "Hypsikerós is an exuberant and fresh stock ale that has been aged in an oak cask of Burgundy natural red wine for over a year with the help of wild yeasts. The result is a characterful 'barley wine' with a tight, warm, winding profile punctuated by distinct notes of dried stone fruit, wood and hop tannins and a subtle bitterness. The resemblance to wine here is rather indirect: Hypsikerós is partly similar in charater to Flanders red ales, which are known by local connoisseurs as the 'Burgundy of the North'."

  • Hibernata Silenos

    € 15,91
    : 1

    "Silénos combines nobility and wild freshness. This robust stock ale has been aged in a Spanish red wine oak barrel for over a year with the help of wild yeasts. The interplay of these forces has fine-tuned the beer's distinctive notes of dried stone fruit, colourful sweet wood facets, barrel tannins and subtle hop bitterness into a heady interplay of aromas and flavours.Should you feel that it reminds you of something, it will certainly not be in vain to search your memory of enjoying a fine Spanish fortified wine."

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