List of products by brand Galea Craft Beers

  • Galea Black Dreams
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    Galea Black Dreams

    € 4,31

    Imperial Stout with Cookies - Cream: Oreos crumbles. Brewed at Eutropius

  • Galea Dark Nun
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    Galea Dark Nun

    € 3,48

    Imperial Stout with Cacao Beans - Coconut. Brewed at Eutropius

  • Galea Shady Priest
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    Galea Shady Priest

    € 4,31

    Russian Imperial Salted Caramel Maple Bacon Stout

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  • Galea The Black Pope Amapola Tarrazu Coffee - Vaniilla Double BA
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    Galea The Black Pope...

    € 8,06

    "Strong coffee aroma, we choosed this specific coffee for its sourness. It gives some beautifull notes of raspberry, red berries, strawberries, hazelnuts, butter and citrus.
    We aged this beer for 1 year on 2 Buffalo Trace Bourbon barrels and 1 Whiskey Sauterne Barrel. After 10 months of aging we added 2kg fresh roasted coffee beans (By Crossroast in Antwerp) and 15 Vanillabeans in each barrel.
    After 2 more months we blended the barrels together and added some more vanillabeans.
    Result is a very complex coffee stout. Lots of barrel notes, a crisp sourness of the coffee that gives the beer a high drinkability."