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  • Glas Siren Tumbler (Pint)

    € 4,13
  • Siren / B.Nektar Uncle Zester
    • Nieuw

    Siren / B.Nektar Uncle Zester

    € 5,31

    "We first brewed Uncle Zester in 2015 after meeting Brad from B. Nektar and tasting his meads; we knew then this would be something special, and we've never created anything quite like it since. It's a braggot (beer/mead hybrid) that's soured and loaded with fruit zest and juice, playing incredibly well with the sweetness of the honey. It’s rich, it’s moreish and you’re going to love it."

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  • Siren / Cigar City...

    € 4,48

    "This collaboration with Cigar City Brewing is one of our all-time favourites. Caribbean Chocolate Cake is a dense, rich and luxurious stout brimming with hand-roasted cacao nibs selected by the esteemed Willie's Cacao, and harmonised by Cypress wood spirals. Pure canned indulgence. Now on nitro for the first time ever!" best before 03/11/2022

  • Siren / Cigar City Caribbean Chocolate Cake 2023 - Nitro
    • Nieuw

    Siren / Cigar City...

    € 5,31

    "The beer that started it all. Caribbean Chocolate Cake is a dense, rich and luxurious stout – even more so since it’s had the smooth, hard-pouring Nitro treatment. Hand-roasted cacao nibs give hints of tamarind and soft lemon, along with a beautiful chocolate baseline. The malts provide coffee and roast notes in abundance, while the hop profile adds subtle orange and coconut flavours. Spinning on Cypress wood is the icing on the cake - offering lightly toasted vanilla wafers and delicate tannins, balancing the inherent sweetness of the beer. Pure canned indulgence."

  • Siren / Green Cheek Every...

    € 4,52
    : 3

    "They say you should never meet your heroes... but who cares? Green Cheek are one of the best in the business so we jumped at the chance to brew a California IPA with them. This style of IPA is crisp, clean and refreshing, with pilsner malt making up most of the base. Our good friends Mosaic, Citra, Simcoe and Sabro combine to bring the magic."

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  • Siren / J. Wakefield Dark...

    € 9,35

    "An extraordinary collaboration with Florida's J. Wakefield. Expect rich aromas of dark sugar and toffee, with a comforting chocolate fudge flavour profile, warming spirit complexity and a slick mouthfeel."

  • Siren / Sofia Electric Long...

    € 4,55
    : 3

    "We're welcoming back former brewer, barrel whisperer and part-time spin bowler Aiden, who now leads brewing at Sofia Electric in Bulgaria. The concept here is to deliver a straight-up Imperial Stout, boasting big, bold coffee and chocolate notes, without the use of any adjuncts. A complex malt base builds body, flavour and moreish richness."

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  • Siren / Sureshot I'm Lumberjack DJ
    • Nieuw

    Siren / Sureshot I'm...

    € 4,52

    "Our first ever collaboration with the dream team at Sureshot is a straight-up, juicy IPA. We're using Citra, Cashmere and brand new Superdelic hops for a smorgasbord of candied fruit, red berry, tropical and tangy grapefruit aromas."

  • Siren Barrel Aged Caribbean...

    € 5,25

    "This is a special barrel aged version of Caribbean Chocolate Cake, one of our all-time favourite beers, created in collaboration with Cigar City Brewing. Our dense, rich and luxurious stout has been maturing in bourbon barrels, picking up delicious vanilla, whiskey and oak character." Best before is 11/11/2021

  • Siren Barrel Aged Primal Cut

    € 7,89
  • Siren Broken Dream - NITRO

    € 1,91

    NITRO "Breakfast stout with a gentle touch of smoke, coffee and chocolate. Broken Dream is deep and complex. She lurks in your imagination. She binds smoke and coffee aromas with chocolate, milk and oats to create something thick, velvety and slick. She will draw you towards a land of flavour, passion and colour."

  • Siren Calypso

    € 3,65

    "Calypso roars with sharp, spritzy and mouth-puckering sensation, accented by tropical and citrussy hop aroma. It's clean, refreshing and always keeps you going back for more. Our sour showcase rotates the dry-hopping, so each brew offers something different and unique."

  • Siren Caribbean Chocolate...

    € 4,34

    "Our most extravagant beer meets the most extravagant breakfast in this year's Caribbean Chocolate Cake twist. We've adjusted the base here a little to allow the pancake element to come through. We're layering maple notes from syrup to wood, maximising depth of flavour. A small amount of smoked malt, working in tandem with bourbon maple staves and the sweet, sticky undertone adds a delicate aroma akin to the impact you'd get from perfectly prepared streaky bacon. A generous helping of cacao and a dusting of spices, in part from the expressive Amburana wood, completes this liquid guilty pleasure." Canned in Nov 2020 best before 10/11/2021.

  • Siren Caribbean Chocolate Cupccake 2023
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    Siren Caribbean Chocolate...

    € 4,87

    "For the first time ever, a Caribbean Chocolate Cupcake! This fun little number takes the ABV down a notch while still aiming to give you the big mouthfeel, indulgent chocolate and rich drinking of the original. In order to achieve this, we’ve built the recipe from the ground up. An addition of Chocolate Rye in the grist is particularly interesting, which layers in milk chocolate mid-notes in contrast to the more dark chocolate vibe you’d ordinarily expect in these beers. The proportion of roast malts were also lowered to promote the soft chocolate profile. We use Madagascan vanilla to bring in the ‘frosting’ element on a cupcake, helped along by wafer notes from the Cypress wood."

  • Siren Caribbean Chocolate...

    € 4,73

    "An extravagant new spin on Caribbean Chocolate Cake, one of our all time favorite beers, brewed in collaboration with Cigar City brewing. We're taking inspiration from Mexican Mole in a carefully balanced crescendo of heartwarming chilli, chocolate, spices and wood." BB is 4/11/22

  • Siren Caribbean Salted Cherry Chocolate Cake 2023
    • Nieuw

    Siren Caribbean Salted...

    € 5,31

    "One of two wildcards this year is a very special Salted Cherry edition, you could say this is a coming together of a Caribbean Chocolate Cake and a Black Forest Gateau. With slightly less cacao than the original, the beer opens up to allow the cherry to come through. We’re using a blend of Montmorency, Morello and Balaton cherries which add acidity and tartness along with the delicious compote vibe, with everything then lifted again by Pink Himalayan Sea Salt. The combination of ingredients is playful on the palate, with each element taking turns to lure you into thinking it’s the star of the show. We love how salt changes the expression of the chocolate, while also changing the mouthfeel of the beer in a great way."

  • Siren DDH Calypso

    € 4,11

    "For the first time ever, we present double dry-hopped Calypso! The sharp, spritzy and mouth-puckering sensation is loaded up with double the amount of hops to usual, which just so happen to be our hand-selected lots of Simcoe, Mosaic and Citra! Expect fresh, vibrant tropical fruit aromas, with plenty of citrus character and crisp bitterness."

  • Siren Death by Caribbean Chocolate Cake 2023
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    Siren Death by Caribbean...

    € 5,66

    Imperial Tropical Stout with Cacao Nibs & Cypress wood (Imperial Version of the Caribbean Chocolate Cake).

  • Siren Fire & Stars
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    Siren Fire & Stars

    € 3,53

    "Our smoked porter is inspired by late evenings spent outside with family and friends, sat under the stars with the crackle of a campfire. It's both a robust beer and a comforting one, featuring oak-smoked wheat, beech-smoked barley and rich dark malts building depth of flavour."

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  • Siren Fireside

    € 9,84

    "This beer is inspired by cool nights in the great outdoors; sharing stories under the stars with a mug of hot cocoa, a full hip flask and marshmallows toasting over the glowing embers. Our Fireside blend is made up of some incredible dark beers, including some Barrel Aged Draugen, which is providing the underlying wisp of oakey smoke in the air. A heartwarming companion to the season."

  • Siren Gather and Store

    € 7,35

    "This Autumnal sour blend is drawn entirely from beer aged and re-fermented in red wine barrels, showing beautiful mature grape character. Expect citrus and berry aromas, rustic sweet barley, fresh stone fruits, balancing acidity and drying oak tannins. "

  • Siren Happy Hour

    € 4,29
    : 1

    "A sumptuous summer sour inspired by the classic cocktail. Our take on the peach bellini is delicately soured, vivid in colour and full of juicy peach purée. Nelson Sauvin and Hallertau Blanc hops add white grape character and subtle balancing bitterness, as the beer bubbles with bright effervescence." BB is June 2023

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  • Siren Haunted House

    € 10,24

    "Fresh out of barrel the beer is full of chocolate notes, which Haunted House elevates further with cacao husks. These husks add some light milk chocolate notes, making sure everything stays drinkable through different dimensions of sweetness, with toasted coconut chips joining in creamy harmony in a sequence of sensations. There’s a lot going on here, but the strength of the beer is up to the task of allowing this beer to excite and delight with each sip."

  • Siren Helter Skelter

    € 10,24

    "Fresh out of barrel the beer is full of chocolate notes, which Helter Skelter turns into a full-on chocolate orange experience. Hand-peeled orange zest is swirling in vibrant oily flavour which goes on a ride with the sweet chocolate base beer. In order to keep this in check, additional oak will give you subtle vanilla wafer notes but also enough drying finish to keep you going back to the start. This is a playful beer that we hope will put a smile on your face."

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  • Siren Huntington

    € 3,60

    "A light, crisp IPA with refreshing zesty citrus notes. We use incredible Citra, Cascade and Mosaic hops for fresh piney aromas and heaps of tropical fruit flavours. Huntington finishes with a moreish resinous bitterness, inviting you in to the next sip."

  • Siren Lumina

    € 2,14

    "Lumina is our shining light, a 4.2% Session IPA glowing with juicy tropical fruit notes. Hoppy aromas of mango and pineapple guide you towards explosive flavour, flashes of delicate citrus highlights and refreshing balanced bitterness. Our epiphany of a session beer drinks with a pillowy soft mouthfeel and pours with a beautiful light haze."

  • Siren Maiden 2021

    € 11,79

    "Maiden is our Anniversary celebration, a blend of barley wine aged in a multitude of barrels sourced from the finest wine and spirit producers worldwide."

  • Siren Maiden 2022

    € 11,31

    "Maiden is our Anniversary celebration, a blend of barley wine aged in a multitude of barrels sourced from the finest wine and spirit producers worldwide. Each year's vintage is unique, so visit our website to learn more about the beer in this bottle."

  • Siren Maiden Glass

    € 4,13
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  • Siren Mesmerist

    € 2,31

    "We're excited to share with you the culmination of much work, experimentation and research into brewing beers at this strength. Mesmerist delivers punchy hop aromas and satisfyingly delicious depth of flavour, all the while drinking with a softness and structure.""

  • Siren Mixed Blessings

    € 8,52

    "A sumptuous blend of our finest bourbon barrel aged stouts, selected to accentuate the playful combination of fresh like zest and hand toasted coconut. Expect intense aromas and oily rich drinking."

  • Siren Neo Noise

    € 4,11

    "A vibrant hazy pale ale showcasing neomexicanus hops, some exciting new varieties that we're absolutely loving. Here you'll find the juicy pineapple notes of El Dorado, Talus' pithy pink grapefruit aromas and a touch of Sabro, which brings everything together with rounded tropical flavours and a hint of coconut."

  • Siren Nitro Glass

    € 4,13
    : 1
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  • Siren One Giant Leap
    • Nieuw

    Siren One Giant Leap

    € 3,94

    "This IPA has been led by Kit in our brewteam, who was inspired by the fresh, bright and fruity aromatics of Apollo hops when used for bittering in other beers. One Giant Leap brings Apollo to the forefront, with distinct grapefruit, citrus and resinous notes supported by a helping of Citra."

  • Siren Pompelmocello
    • Nieuw

    Siren Pompelmocello

    € 2,20

    "This sour IPA is hopped with Simcoe, Talus and Mosaic to create the biggest grapefruity hop profile we could muster, but we've also included grapefruit zest and juice for good measure. Lactose rounds things out with a sweet and smooth touch."

  • Siren Reviver
    • Nieuw

    Siren Reviver

    € 3,50

    "Reviver is a hearty ale which takes our modern approach to a Best Bitter and embellishes in strength, flavour and body. Expect a rich colour, citrus and floral aromas, toasty malts and delicate, cask-like carbonation."