List of products by brand Brasserie l'Apaisée

  • L'Apaisée / Popihn Ainsi Va...

    € 24,17
    : 1

    Blend of 3 beers aged between two and three years in oak barrels with Merlot Pomace.

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  • L'Apaisée Cidre Extra Brut...

    € 27,73

    "Our first cider, fermented with a brett dominant house culture and barrel aged for a year in a bourbon barrel (Four Roses, second pass). 230 bottles and 1 keykeg released."

  • L'Apaisée Marc de Gamaret

    € 24,17

    Blend of BA Mix Fermentation beers with grape pomace.

  • L'Apaisée Mes Anges

    € 24,17

    First blend of BA spontaneously fermented beers.

  • L'Apaisée Prunus Persica -...

    € 24,75

    400g/l of yellow peaches Demeter from "la Drôme" macerated in a blend of BA beers that was about 18 months old.

  • L'Apaisée Rheum Rheum 2022

    € 25,41

    Blended mixed fermentation beer with Rhubarb.