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  • Alcohol: 10.5%
  • Westbrook / Evil Twin...

    € 14,26
    : 1
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  • Struise Robert the Great

    € 3,40

    Port Barrel Aged Imperial Stout. Vintage 2019

  • Struise Sint Amatus Reserva...

    € 2,95

    A dark quadrupel from Flanders, matured in Woodford Reserve Bourbon barrels for 2 years.

  • La Source Ours

    € 4,06

    "The return of our end-of-year stout. In collaboration with our neighbours from Nao! For this new choco bomb, they offered us their new Peruvian cocoa (Criollo / Forastero) purchased directly and fairly. Yummm!"

  • Mountains Walking / Imagine...

    € 10,37

    "Pastry Stout brewed in Collaboration with our dear friends at Imagine Nation over in Missoula. Affogato inspired with Toasted Hazelnut, Espresso Blend from Studio Roasters here in Bozeman and Tahitian Vanilla Bean."

  • Stu Mostów / Funky Fluid...

    € 5,17

    "We are proudly introducing our next collab with one of a kind polish brewery Funky Fluid! To the extractive, Imperial Stout base we added extremely aromatic caramelized almonds, cocoa nibs, and infused it with the nitrogen to obtained the smooth - velvety texture!"

  • Buxton Early Start

    € 6,29

    Café Mocha Crème Imperial Stout

  • Laugar Cookie Monster

    € 4,87
    : 2

    "Russian imperial stout brewed with cookies, natural extract of black currant, cookie extract and vanilla"

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  • Atrium Reserva Barleywine...

    € 5,36

    Barleywine aged for 7 months in Old Forester Bourbon barrels.

  • Siren Titanic Turmoil

    € 9,51

    "A coming together of two giant stouts in our barrel store, aged and blended from a variety of bourbon barrels in perfect fashion. The result is deliciously decadent, rich with flavour and generous with spicy wood and vanilla character."

  • Stu Mostów Mis-Thunder-Stood

    € 4,57

    "An intense, strong and very dessert Stout with a lot of sweetness and the aroma of wholemeal cookies and brownie. Dark and very creamy. In short: it will be thick, sweet and expressive!"

  • Stu Mostów Knight Moves

    € 4,57

    "Delicious, dessert Stout with a seductive aroma of churro cookies and sponge cake. Dense, strong with a solid malt foundation. With clear notes of chocolate, toffee and nuts. Smooth and balanced to the finish"