List of products by brand Stillwell Brewing Co. Ltd.

  • Stillwell Glou

    € 13,40
  • Stillwell Gosh

    € 13,40

    This Farmhouse ale was fermented with Stillwell's house culture and matured in French oak wine barrels. Dry hopped with Mosaic. Bottled Sept 2019

  • Stillwell Poptones

    € 10,92
  • Stillwell Poptones (Remix)

    € 12,29
  • Stillwell Preach

    € 13,40

    "Preach was blended from four diverse tart or bitter saisons, each fermented and aged in oka wine barrels. The blend was re-fermented with 300g/l whole Nova Scotia grown peaches." Bottled Jan 2019.

  • Stillwell Rieslinger

    € 13,40

    "RIESLINGER was two years in the making — a blend of 2/3 saison well-aged in a first-use Pineau des Charentes puncheon and 1/3 white wine barrel-aged saison. The blend was then re-fermented on a slight 130 g/l of 2018 harvest Riesling skins from Blomidon Estate and we bottle conditioned it for a good, long while. In the glass you get nuttiness from the PdC, vinous character from many sources, bright acidity and fun funk from our house cultures and gorgeous, super-fun tannins on the palate."

  • Stillwell Shiro

    € 13,40

    "Containing threads brewed over almost a year (including, at 25%, the very light and oaky batch #1, its first appearance in a blend). Shiro is deep, tart, fuzzy and fun. The blend, 860L total, was re-fermented on more than 600 lbs of Nova Scotia-grown Shiro plums for several months prior to bottling. Crush and/or consider."
    Brewed Apr 2017-Feb 2018, Bottled Winter 2018

  • Stillwell Solo Batch 2

    € 12,29
  • Stillwell Sook

    € 13,68

    "All Czech Saaz stainless steel-fermented grisette. Light, bright, fun, funky, bitter, refreshing."