List of products by brand GROSS

  • Gross / Prizm Loto

    € 4,93

    "The second collab to celebrate our 10th anniversary, this time brewed in collaboration with our friend of Prizm straight out of Montpellier. This time, we went for a pastry sour brewed with insane amouts of pink guava, peach and calamansi puree. Brewed with flaked oats and milk sugar, "Loto" has and amazing balance between the sour and sweet flavours. Soon(ish), also served in frozen Slushy for at our Taproom."

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  • Gross Infrashow

    € 4,45

    "Highly drinkable New England pale ale brewed with a England malt and fluffy flaked oats. Fermented with our house expressive ale yeast and dry hopped with the freshest Freestyle Hops motueka and citra. Infrashow is the perfect pint session beer for those days that you feel for something hoppier but without all the alcohol of a classic NEIPA. Full tropical and herbal notes with lime, papaya, coconut water and fresh cut grass."

  • Gross Mamu

    € 5,20

    "The first of three collaborations with Phantasm, using this ingredient to achieve an extraordinarily aromatic NEIPA with a strong tropical fruit aroma. By adding Phantasm to the whirlpool and the early addition of dry hopping, we were able to give an extra boost and achieve an amazing aroma result. Phantasm is a powder derived from Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes from New Zealand, rich in thiol precursors known to create aromas of citrus, guava and passion fruit."

  • Gross Oswald

    € 4,44

    "Black IPA brewed with a handfull of special malts and hopped in the kettle and tank with Ekuanot, El Dorado and Pacific Jade hops. Fermented with our house clean ale yeast strain Oswald has a light roast and dark chocolate flavours that work great with the hop flavours of pine, grass and citrus peel."

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  • Gross Raspmel

    € 4,93

    "Fruited gose brewed with a decent amount of flaked oats and sea salt. Kettle soured with a clean, citrus foward lactobacilus strain and fermented with our house expressive ale yeast strain and conditioned on top of kilos and kilos of peach and rapsberry puree. Lovely pink color with a white head, Rasomel comes with notes of fruit yougurth, juicy peach and raspberry jam. Clean sour with a slightly salty finish." BB is 12/23