India Pale Ale


  • Verzet Golden Tricky

    € 1,99
  • Siren Soundwave

    € 2,06

    "Soundwave carries her drinker to the west coast, to the golden shores of California where craft ale is nectar. She is the driest of Siren’s ales – full with flavour but subtle with bitterness. Her resinous finish will pull you off balance."

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  • De Ranke Amer-Amer

    € 1,91
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  • The Garden India Pale Ale

    € 2,27

    "Hops inspired by the American west coast with a yeast from the East. This is our take on a classic. Pours golden in colour, with a slight haze and a lingering tight, white head. Dry hopped 3 times with a mix of American, Australian and German hops; On the aroma you are greeted straight away with notes of pine, peach and passionfruit. On the palate apricot and naval orange shine through with a well-balanced bitterness backed up by a subtle sweetness from the south pacific hops and the unique yeast we use. Full bodied and medium carbonation make this IPA surprisingly easy to drink. "

  • DDVD Korenaar La...

    € 17,22

    Aged on Puligny Montrachet Barrels for 2,5 years.

  • Galway Bay Full Sail

    € 2,02

    "The simple malt bill gives an ABV of 5.8% which carries the flavour and really allows the hops to shine through. The hops used are of American origin, Colombus, El Dorado and Cascade (45 IBU). With multiple generous additions in the kettle and further dry hopped before it reaches you as fresh as it can be."

  • La Source La Petite Planète

    € 3,36

    "Neo West Coast IPA" brewed with Pils, Vienna and hopped with Idaho7, Simcoe and Galaxy

  • Surréaliste Calavera

    € 4,06

    "Calavera, the supernova IPA adding colors to your life. A gigantic fusion of hops delivers a big-bang of flavors. Death has never tasted so alive."

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  • Surréaliste Dream Mosaic

    € 4,11

    India Pale Ale dry-hopped with only Mosaic.

  • Surréaliste Dream in Simcoe

    € 4,11

    India Pale Ale dry-hopped with only Simcoe.

  • Belgoo Bloemekei Bio

    € 2,26
  • L'Ermitage L'Amoureux 1 -...

    € 2,92

    L'Amoureux returns in its three versions of single hop IPA

  • L'Ermitage L'Amoureux 2 -...

    € 2,92

    Single Hop IPA with Citra. Same malt bill and yeast as the other two versions, only the hop changes.

  • Surréaliste Dream Citra

    € 4,11
    : 2

    India Pale Ale dry-hopped with only Citra.

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  • Siren Enter Galaxy

    € 4,04
    : 2

    "It's a pleasure to be showcasing Galaxy hops in this soft, hazy IPA. There are plenty of oats involved here, building a nice body and smooth mouthfeel. Expect citrus, peach and passionfruit aromas, complementing the stone fruit flavours of our house-strain Vermont yeast."

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  • Siren Twists

    € 4,48
    : 3

    "Circling back round to where it all began, Twists is our anniversary West Coast IPA. This beer embodies everything we love about the style. Pale malts allow punchy, fresh, resinous hop character to flourish, citrus aromas jump from the glass and it sings with clean, unapologetic bitterness. "

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  • La Source Element - Sorachi...

    € 3,36

    "Less is more. Element is a single malt and single hop beer. Sorachi and Pilsner malt, that's it. A good way to discover all the richness and power of this hop that we love."

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  • Laugar Kide

    € 3,21


  • Siren / Brew By Numbers...

    € 3,99
    : 1

    "This West Coast IPA is the home fixture of a two part collaboration with our friends at Brew by Numbers. We've made two beers with the exact same hops, including Azacca, Citra, Mosaic and Simcoe in Cryo and Whole leaf form. We want to explore the different expressions of the same recipe, a West Coast style brewed in Finchampstead, and an East Coast style at BBNo."

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  • La Source Hill of Tears

    € 3,36

    "Thz perfect cross-over betwwen east and west IPA. 100% Barley malt mill and firm bitterness from the west. English yeast and tropical aromatics from the east. Cheers!"

  • Galway Bay / Begyle Brewing...

    € 3,60

    "Colllaboration Brew with Begyle Brewing from Chicago, a Hop Forward American Style IPA with Oats in the malt bill. Hops Columbus, Citra, Cascade and Mosaic"