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Sour - Wild Ale

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  • Solo Grapy
    • Nouveau

    Solo Grapy

    9,51 €

    Blond ale spontaneously feremnted on wine must.

  • Mills Running Beer - Blend Eight
    • Nouveau

    Mills Running Beer - Blend...

    18,81 €

    "Running Beer is the first beer we designed for Mills Brewing. It is the purest distillation of how we make beer. This is blend eight. We still have no set recipe for Running Beer, but blend to a similar flavour profile each time. We produce a variety of worts and welcome the natural variation we are given by the barrels. This beer is a blend of four brews produced in November 2018, January/March 2019 and May 2020. The worts were made using malted rye and aged hops. They fermented and matured in a mixture of oak barrels previously used by French Burgundy wine and American Bourbon whiskey producers for an average of thirty months. The bottles were then left to condition for a further four months before release."

  • Granizo Bayas de Alerce
    • Nouveau

    Granizo Bayas de Alerce

    12,56 €

    "This sour beer matured for 16 months in century old Alerce foudres, was awakened with the addition of a special Syrah grape must, giving rise to this wonder that only the imagination could achieve."

  • Granizo Betta.Tres
    • Nouveau

    Granizo Betta.Tres

    12,56 €

    Barrel Aged sour fermented with Semillon must.

  • Granizo Betta.Cuatro
    • Nouveau

    Granizo Betta.Cuatro

    12,56 €

    Barrel Aged sour fermented with Syrah must.

  • Granizo / Jester King Killer Callampa
    • Nouveau

    Granizo / Jester King...

    11,48 €

    BA Sour ale w. rosemary and mushrooms Callampa from Valparaiso.

  • Granizo / Rare Barrel Noble Alerce
    • Nouveau

    Granizo / Rare Barrel Noble...

    12,11 €

    "Collaboration with The Rare Barrel (USA). The noble Alerce (Fitzroya cupressoides) is one of the longest-lived trees in the world, living over 3,000 years, transcending our conception of time and space. Noble Alerce is a mixed fermentation beer that patiently matured for eight months in Alerce barrels over 100 years old, which previously fermented apple chicha and, prior to that, beer from southern Chile. More noble impossible! This refreshing beer has a generous and fine carbonation, aromas that evoke the countryside and spices, and in the mouth it has a balanced acidity with fruity and spicy notes. Rustic and delicate at the same time, we are in the presence of a very noble beer!"

  • Granizo Sour Pisco
    • Nouveau

    Granizo Sour Pisco

    11,40 €

    Sour with lemon zest agin in Pisco barrels.

  • Brussels Beer Project Dansaert Cherish the Cherries
    • Nouveau

    Brussels Beer Project...

    19,96 €

    "A foulage & carbonic maceration of kelleris cherries, spontaneously fermented with beer wort. 6 months matured in oak barrels. In July 2021 our brewer Tiago picked up 500kg of organic sour cherries from Karel Vaes in Limburg to create this deep red & sour cherry beer. Now cherish the cherries and be mezmerized in the moment!"

  • Mills Chuckleberry
    • Nouveau

    Mills Chuckleberry

    20,16 €

    "Chuckleberry is a blend of two brews produced in June and September 2019. Made from a turbid wort, using rye malt and aged hops, they started life as potential blending options for our ‘house’ beer, Running Beer. Fermentation and maturation took place in barriques which formerly housed red Bordeaux. We chose three barrels to make a blend that would best fit the fruit: relatively soft and full on the palate to accommodate the fruit's acidity and tannin, complementary aromatics from the red Bordeaux and French oak, and a balancing funk to cut (but not obscure) the fruit. The resulting blend was added to a large quantity of locally grown chuckleberries to referment for five months. The beer conditioned in bottle for a further three months."

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  • Mills Still
    • Nouveau

    Mills Still

    21,41 €

    "Still is a single barrel bottling of four year old beer, brewed in March 2018. We have been hoping to find a barrel that would have enough character and bite to exist without the need for carbonation. The wort was made using a turbid mash and underwent an extended boil with large quantities of aged hops. After two nights in our coolship, the wort was transferred to a single 500 litre barrel for four years of fermentation and maturation. The resulting beer was bottled still, without the addition of sugar to produce a refermentation. It has a significant richness for the abv, balanced by a striking hop bitterness, and lingering tannin from the four years in oak."

  • Mills Vienna
    • Nouveau

    Mills Vienna

    18,81 €

    "Vienna is a single barrel bottling made from one brew in May 2019. It struck us as perfectly balanced for a single barrel (very few are), with both enticing aromatics and easy drinkability. Far too nuanced to potentially be lost in a blend. We made a turbid wort with Vienna malt, rye and raw barley. Solevian hops, both aged and fresh, were added during the boil. Fermentation and maturation took place in a well travelled 500 litre butt which was previously used for sherry, Scotch whisky and Herefordshire cider. The beer was bottled after 30 months in barrel, then conditioned slowly over winter."

  • Bellwoods Grandma
    • Nouveau

    Bellwoods Grandma

    14,85 €

    "Grandma's Boy was one of the very first beers we aged in oak at Bellwoods, and its (almost) yearly release is one that garners much excitement. This year we decided to switch things up and share the unfruited version, in all its sour/funky/crisp glory -- and named it, simply, Grandma. The absence of fruit allows for more subtle flavours to shine through, showcasing the perfect intersection of acid, brett, oak, and a crisp, spritzy body. Gentle acidity balanced by refined brett character accented by notes of green tea, bosc pear, and champagne"

  • Bellwoods Intermodal (2021) Three Year Blend
    • Nouveau

    Bellwoods Intermodal (2021)...

    16,49 €

    "Intermodal is our very first 100% spontaneously inoculated wild beer, created in a style inspired by traditional lambic producers. This particular Intermodal is our first three year blend, with spontaneously fermented beer from 2020, 2019 and 2018. We blended this year’s Intermodal for our tastes, that is to say using a larger percentage of the younger barrels than aged ones, and the results are a delectable balance of acidity and bitterness, with notes of tannic white grape, wild fermented cider, and apple baking spices."

  • Bellwoods Jelly King
    • Nouveau

    Bellwoods Jelly King

    5,96 €

    "An everyday, juicy, drinkable sour with punchy hop aromatics and fruity foundational flavours. Low bitterness, light body, and pale yellow in colour, with notes of fuzzy peach, tangerine, and cedar."

  • Bellwoods Jelly King - Cranberry Tangerine
    • Nouveau

    Bellwoods Jelly King -...

    6,75 €

    "This mixed fermentation ale is soured with a house blend of lactobacillus cultures prior to secondary fermentation and a heavy Citra-Simcoe-Cascade dry-hop. The result is juicy, sour, and thirst quenching. This limited edition version includes a semi-festive dose of cranberry and tangerine, imparting additional tart, citrusy flavours and a lovely ruby colour."

  • Bellwoods Jelly King - Guava Mango Passionfrui
    • Nouveau

    Bellwoods Jelly King -...

    6,75 €

    "An everyday, juicy, drinkable sour with punchy hop aromatics and fruity foundational flavours. Low bitterness, light body, and pale yellow in colour, with notes of fuzzy peach, tangerine, and cedar. This limited edition version includes a large dose of three tropical fruits that we hold near and dear to our hearts - adding explosive aromas and flavours of tropical fruit and a deep hazy orange hue."

  • Bellwoods Jelly King - Strawberry Rhubarb
    • Nouveau

    Bellwoods Jelly King -...

    7,91 €

    "An everyday, juicy, drinkable sour with punchy hop aromatics and fruity foundational flavours. Low bitterness, light body, and pale yellow in colour, with notes of fuzzy peach, tangerine, and cedar. This limited edition Jelly King variant was conditioned on loads of strawberry and rhubarb purée and boasts juicy aromatics, a dry body with notes of strawberry pie, rhubarb jam, and citrusy hops. You're welcome."

  • Bellwoods Vines - Gamay (Harvest 2021)
    • Nouveau

    Bellwoods Vines - Gamay...

    16,49 €

    "This edition is a barrel aged wild ale blended with the recent harvest of 2021 Gamay Grapes. It’s a nod to the Beaujolais Nouveau style, which celebrates young wine, fresh fruit, and bright flavours."

  • La Source / L'Ermitage Jardin de Délices
    • Nouveau

    La Source / L'Ermitage...

    12,97 €

    "For this collab with our lifelong friends, we decided to mix our cultures! A wild beer with an immoral dose of fresh (and seasonal.) quince fermented with a cocktail of our house cultures."

  • Fair Isle Eleanor
    • Nouveau

    Fair Isle Eleanor

    30,32 €

    An oak-aged ale refermented on foraged elderberries.

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  • Jester King Farmhouse Ale Refermented With Texas Summer Melons
    • Nouveau

    Jester King Farmhouse Ale...

    22,27 €

    "Today we're releasing a new farmhouse ale refermented with four different types of Texas summer melons -- Watermelon, Casaba melon, Santa Claus melon, and Sugar Kiss melon! Farmhouse Ale Refermented with Texas Summer Melons was brewed in August with well water, malted barley, malted oats, wheat, and hops. It was fermented in stainless steel with our mixed culture and refermented with the summer melons. It's 5.8% alcohol by volume, unfiltered, unpasteurized, and 100% naturally conditioned."

  • de Garde Ivy
    • Nouveau

    de Garde Ivy

    23,58 €

    "Ivy is a beer made with 100% regionally grown pale malted barley. In the kettle, it sees both three to four-year aged whole leaf hops, as well as pellet hops from the most recent harvest. Both are grown here in Oregon. It is the most simple of our recipes, yet one of the most complex in expression. One malt, one hop, our wonderful local water, and time. Ivy spends two years in neutral wine puncheons. We choose from these barrels a blend that is funky, but not too funky. Tart, but not too sour. Complex, but still hedonistic. Really, a blend that we are happy to make, to blend, and ultimately to share, in celebration of our new home."

  • de Garde Riesling Ivy
    • Nouveau

    de Garde Riesling Ivy

    23,76 €

    A spontanious wild ale with riesling grapes aged in oak barrels for two years.

  • de Garde The Law of Motion Reserve
    • Nouveau

    de Garde The Law of Motion...

    24,77 €

    "A Spontaneous Wild Ale with Cider Apples Aged in Oak Barrels for Four Years, Made with Our Friends at Baird & Dewar"

  • Wildflower Bright Side: Shiraz
    • Nouveau

    Wildflower Bright Side: Shiraz

    20,27 €

    "The Bright Side beers are two friend’s attempt to view the world with a glass half-full. When Bryan Martin (Ravensworth Wines) realised his vines were smoke tainted from the 2020 bushfires, he concocted a plan ‘B’ with Topher Boehm (Wildflower Brewing & Blending). These beers are the marriage of Bryan’s hand harvested, carbonic macerated, whole bunch wine grapes with Topher’s freshly fermented Gold Australian Wild Ale. Aged and macerated for eight months in Murrumbateman before travelling to the big smoke for bottling and maturation."

  • Wildflower Good as Gold
    • Nouveau

    Wildflower Good as Gold

    20,27 €

    "A 50/50 blend of barrel aged Gold with fresh Gold that has just completed primary fermentation. This composition of aged and fresh beer is what we had originally intended for our Gold. It didn't end up like that though, as Gold is 100% barrel aged. We love the fresh fermentation esters and bright hop character we get in our young fermentations. This is what we focus on in beers like The International & As It Were (coming in November). But we can't hide that we also love the apparent funk, creamy mouthfeel and complex fermentation flavours of aged beer. We dont think of this blend as being a best of both worlds, but more an attempt (and this is only the first one) to marry these flavours harmoniously. One of the beers that really got me thinking about making mixed culture beers a...

  • Wildflower St Henry 2021
    • Nouveau

    Wildflower St Henry 2021

    25,55 €

    "St Henry is an Australian Wild Ale made with apricots. It is named for Chris and Emily’s second son. Saint Henry II was a Holy Roman Emperor during the 11th century. In 2021, St Henry was made by blending barrel aged golden mixed culture fermentation ale with 1060kg of fresh, whole, tree ripened Robada apricots from Yarralee Orchard in Kelso, NSW."

  • Wildflower Wattle Drops 2020
    • Nouveau

    Wildflower Wattle Drops 2020

    21,77 €

    "Wattle Drops 2020 is a golden Australian Wild Ale fermented wholly by wild yeast and bacteria residing on freshly picked Wattle blossoms from ‘Carawatha’ in Gerringong, NSW."

  • Yeast of Eden A Moment's Rest
    • Nouveau

    Yeast of Eden A Moment's Rest

    21,15 €

    "In late 2019 we blended together a one-year-old, spontaneously fermented, beer with a barleywine-inspired wild ale that had fermented and aged upon California Flame raisins for nine months. This blend was allowed to undergo a secondary fermentation, in barrel, marrying the two beers over the course of seventeen months before being laid to rest in bottles. The resulting beer, more akin to fortified wine in its profile, was packaged still and offers notes of brown sugar, late harvest grape, luxardo cherry, and cassis. From us to you, we present A Moment’s Rest."

  • Yeast of Eden Lasting Melody
    • Nouveau

    Yeast of Eden Lasting Melody

    34,67 €

    "Built from a blend of 2.5-year-old beers 100% spontaneously fermented with native yeast & bacteria, and refermented on Frog Hollow Farm organic O'Henry peaches, Lasting Melody presents a rich experience to the senses. Notes of ripe, juicy peach with freshly baked cobbler intertwine with delicate oak and funk, clasped with a restrained acidity. From us to you, we present Lasting Melody."

  • Yeast of Eden / Fox Tale Fermentation Poetic Memory
    • Nouveau

    Yeast of Eden / Fox Tale...

    16,49 €

    "In collaboration with Wendy & Felipe of Fox Tale Fermentation Project, we've blended together our one-year-old foeder aged saison with their locally sourced Ume plums. After first allowing the plums to undergo native fermentation by their own microflora, we then blended beer onto the fermenting fruit for a three month maceration. The resulting beer blooms with notes of candied passionfruit, strawberry, and floral jasmine with a soft, creamy acidity. From us to you, we present Poetic Memory."

  • Yeast of Eden Timshel: Raspberry
    • Nouveau

    Yeast of Eden Timshel:...

    34,67 €

    "Timshel reflects our pursuit of flavors endemic to Monterey County & the Salinas Valley. Each winter we brew a select few batches of spontaneously fermented beer following the Méthode Traditionnelle guidelines combining malted barley, raw wheat, and aged hops to produce a rustic wort. This wort is naturally chilled overnight in our coolship and spontaneously fermented in oak barrels by native microflora. Timshel combines our favorite casks spanning the course three different vintages, blended together, refermented on local raspberries, and naturally refermented in bottle. From us to you, we present Timshel: Raspberry."

  • Yeast of Eden Vinsimilar: Charbono
    • Nouveau

    Yeast of Eden Vinsimilar:...

    33,76 €

    "Vinisimilar(vin-ih-sim-ih-ler) adj. 1 Having the appearance of wine, but not necessarily so 2 Faithful to its own rules, neither wine nor beer. Residing somewhere between beer and wine, we've blurred the line combining a blend of barrel-aged saisons with Charbono grapes from Castoro Cellars. After a four month maceration on the fruit, bold notes of jammy blueberry pie, plum preserves, and late harvest grape intertwine with cardamom, vanilla, and fig. From us to you, we present Vinisimilar: Charbono."

  • Yeast of Eden Vinsimilar: Rosé
    • Nouveau

    Yeast of Eden Vinsimilar: Rosé

    32,13 €

    "Vinisimilar(vin-ih-sim-ih-ler) adj. 1 Having the appearance of wine, but not necessarily so 2 Faithful to its own rules, neither wine nor beer. Residing somewhere between beer and wine, we've blurred the line combining a blend of barrel-aged saisons with whole cluster Pinot Noir grapes. After a short maceration on the fruit, bright coral hues intertwine with notes of strawberry, grapefruit, lavender, & pink peppercorn. From us to you, we present Vinisimilar: Rosé"

  • La Malpolon Small Botch - Du Bosc
    • Nouveau

    La Malpolon Small Botch -...

    3,20 €

    Bière de fermentation mixte aux arbouses.