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  • Mills / Boxcar Old Dark...

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  • Mills Berlin

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    "Berlin was made from a single barrel of five year old beer, brewed in April 2018. The wort was made with a nod to traditional Berliner Weissbier brewing, using very pale wheat and pilsner malts, and boiled for a short time with a small amount of old hops. This was then transferred to our open coolship with a good dose of spontaneously collected house culture, to produce a vigorous primary fermentation. The green beer was transfered to a single 500 litre Scotch Whisky butt, for five years maturation, to allow maximum expression of our wild Brettanomyces yeasts. It was bottled unblended, to not dilute the character of this very old beer. A good dose of priming sugar was added to produce lively carbonation. The beer was then conditioned for 6 months in bottle before release. This is undoubtedly one of the most complex beers we have produced, nothing else has been quite like it. The aroma is heady with sharply-fruity pear-drop esters, deep earthy funk and bready-yeast undertones."

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  • Mills Clomp

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    "The second edition of our dry-hopped red beer, Clomp. This blend was made from two brews produced in May 2019 and June 2020. Fermentation took place in red Bordeaux barrels for three and two years respectively. The rich red beer benefitted from a fairly long time in barrel to build the acidity and tannin required to balance the sweetness of the malts. To enhance the bright fruit aromatics present in the base beer, the finished blend was dry-hopped with whole-leaf US grown Chinook, from the latest harvest. The finished beer conditioned in bottle for a (relatively) brief four months before release, to allow enjoyment of the fresh the hop aromatics. As with all our dry-hopped beers, these aromatics will evolve quite dramatically over time."

  • Mills Draw Together

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    "Draw Together is made from a blend of diverse beer styles from our aged barrel stock. This edition is a blend of two distinct barrel fermented beers: California chardonnay barrel-fermented strong golden ale, brewed in April 2020. Remarkably clean tasting from the barrel. Minimal funk and fairly low acididty. Fairly boozy on the nose, with hints of apricot and creamy American oak. Lots of interesting aromatics and satisfyingly rich, but a tad flabby on the palate. Bordeaux barrel fermented red rye beer, brewed in May 2022. Lots of sweet red fruit and a dry cocoa finish. A touch more acid than the golden ale, but still quite restrained. Fairly high barrel tannin, that when comined with the drying character from the roasted malts makes this barrel alone feel rather thin. Again, lots of interesting aromatics but not a complete drink on its own. The finished beer was primed with a good dose of sugar to produce lively carbonation, to give this fairly weighty beer an extra lift."

  • Mills Glass

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    "Glass is our series of beers characterised by a delicate minerally flavour, fresh kettle-hop aroma, and the addition of sea salt in the blending tank. This is our third iteration. In February, April and August 2020 we produced extra pale, minerally worts, with fresh East Kent Goldings hops. The fresh hops add wonderful aromatics (quite distinct from dry hop character) as well as acting to restrain the acidity produced in the wild fermentation. We made a blend from the four most delicate tasting barrels and added a touch of Cornish sea salt into the blending tank to give a crisp finish."

  • Mills High Cut

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    "This is a new blend, created to capture the remarkably light and fresh citrusy character we find in some of our older barrels. It was made from a blend of pale beers, consisting of 2 barrels of 4 year old beer, and 2 barrels of 3 year old beer. The barrels making up the blend were selected for their combination of bright citrus acidity and balancing deep funk, to produce a complex yet elegant summery beer. The finished blend was dry-hopped with fresh whole-leaf Czech Saaz hops, for their wonderful noble aromatics, along with a touch of US Citra to highten the lemon/grapefruit notes of the fermentation. Bottled straight from the dry-hop tank to capture as much of the hop as possible, the finished beer then conditioned in bottle for 5 months."

  • Mills Still

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    "Still is a single barrel bottling of four year old beer, brewed in March 2018. We have been hoping to find a barrel that would have enough character and bite to exist without the need for carbonation. The wort was made using a turbid mash and underwent an extended boil with large quantities of aged hops. After two nights in our coolship, the wort was transferred to a single 500 litre barrel for four years of fermentation and maturation. The resulting beer was bottled still, without the addition of sugar to produce a refermentation. It has a significant richness for the abv, balanced by a striking hop bitterness, and lingering tannin from the four years in oak."

  • Mills Thirteenth Fire

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    "We love making drinks with cider and perry maker Tom Oliver. By our count, this is our 9th collaboration, with a couple more never seeing the light of day and another in progress. Thirteenth Fire was made from an extra strong wort, drawn from a mash of barley and wheat malts, with added cane sugar. This recipe is similar to that used for a Belgian Golden Strong Ale. It was fermented spontaneously in first-use Irish Whiskey barrels for 7 months, with an equal proportion of traditional cider apple juice. The majority of the juice blend was made from Michelin, with small amounts of Sheep's Nose and Foxwhelp."

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  • Mills Twig

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    "English hopped beer made from a blend of solely three year old brews, produced in January and April 2020. The beers were made from turbid mashes using pilsner, wheat and rye malts. The resulting wort was boiled with aged hops, before spontaneous fermentation in old white Burgundy barrels. The blend focused on building a perfect base for an addition of wonderfully complex, but relatively subtle English-grown hops. We aimed for a balance of spicy and fruity aromatics, with nothing too characterful to obscure the incoming dry-hop, underpinned by a moderate acidity with just enough volatile acid to give it some life. The blend was dry-hopped with undried "Low Carbon" hops from Brook House Farm, up the road in Herefordshire."

  • Mills Underdone

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    "We used a grist containing 100% floor-malted Maris Otter, to try and capture the rich malty aromatics found when opening a bag from the maltings. In May 2021 we drew a wort from a six hour mash stand. The wort was not heated or boiled, and whole leaf Zappa and Bramling Cross hops were left to steep, before primary fermentation in our coolship, initiated by krausening with actively fermenting spontaneous beer.The resulting raw ale continued fermentation in one Herefordshire cider and one Scotch whisky barrel for twenty three months before blending and bottling. As with all our beers, it was bottled completely flat, with a good dose of primings to produce lively carbonation via refermentation in bottle."

  • Mills Vienna

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    "Vienna is a single barrel bottling made from one brew in May 2019. It struck us as perfectly balanced for a single barrel (very few are), with both enticing aromatics and easy drinkability. Far too nuanced to potentially be lost in a blend. We made a turbid wort with Vienna malt, rye and raw barley. Solevian hops, both aged and fresh, were added during the boil. Fermentation and maturation took place in a well travelled 500 litre butt which was previously used for sherry, Scotch whisky and Herefordshire cider. The beer was bottled after 30 months in barrel, then conditioned slowly over winter."

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