Liste des produits par marque Mills Brewing

  • Mills Chuckleberry

    20,16 €

    "Chuckleberry is a blend of two brews produced in June and September 2019. Made from a turbid wort, using rye malt and aged hops, they started life as potential blending options for our ‘house’ beer, Running Beer. Fermentation and maturation took place in barriques which formerly housed red Bordeaux. We chose three barrels to make a blend that would best fit the fruit: relatively soft and full on the palate to accommodate the fruit's acidity and tannin, complementary aromatics from the red Bordeaux and French oak, and a balancing funk to cut (but not obscure) the fruit. The resulting blend was added to a large quantity of locally grown chuckleberries to referment for five months. The beer conditioned in bottle for a further three months."

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  • Mills Running Beer - Blend...

    18,81 €

    "Running Beer is the first beer we designed for Mills Brewing. It is the purest distillation of how we make beer. This is blend eight. We still have no set recipe for Running Beer, but blend to a similar flavour profile each time. We produce a variety of worts and welcome the natural variation we are given by the barrels. This beer is a blend of four brews produced in November 2018, January/March 2019 and May 2020. The worts were made using malted rye and aged hops. They fermented and matured in a mixture of oak barrels previously used by French Burgundy wine and American Bourbon whiskey producers for an average of thirty months. The bottles were then left to condition for a further four months before release."

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  • Mills Still

    21,41 €

    "Still is a single barrel bottling of four year old beer, brewed in March 2018. We have been hoping to find a barrel that would have enough character and bite to exist without the need for carbonation. The wort was made using a turbid mash and underwent an extended boil with large quantities of aged hops. After two nights in our coolship, the wort was transferred to a single 500 litre barrel for four years of fermentation and maturation. The resulting beer was bottled still, without the addition of sugar to produce a refermentation. It has a significant richness for the abv, balanced by a striking hop bitterness, and lingering tannin from the four years in oak."

  • Mills Table Beer

    16,11 €

    "Table Beer is a blend of two different worts produced in February 2020 using traditional turbid mashing. Rye, oat and barley malts were mashed and seven year old Hallertau Hersbrucker hops were used in the boil. The sorts were fermented together with our house culture of yeast and bacteria in a stainless steel vessel (a first for us) to keep the delicate aromatics as fresh as possible. After 18 months the beer was dry-hopped with whole-cone Polish Magnum"

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  • Mills Vienna

    18,81 €

    "Vienna is a single barrel bottling made from one brew in May 2019. It struck us as perfectly balanced for a single barrel (very few are), with both enticing aromatics and easy drinkability. Far too nuanced to potentially be lost in a blend. We made a turbid wort with Vienna malt, rye and raw barley. Solevian hops, both aged and fresh, were added during the boil. Fermentation and maturation took place in a well travelled 500 litre butt which was previously used for sherry, Scotch whisky and Herefordshire cider. The beer was bottled after 30 months in barrel, then conditioned slowly over winter."

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