Sour w. Fruits


  • Hof Ten Dormaal Kriek

    3,05 €

    BA blond sour beer (Zure van Tildonk) aged with sour cherries.

  • Loverbeer Beer Brugna 2015

    7,89 €
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  • Loverbeer Saison de...

    7,64 €
  • Loverbeer Pruss Perdù 2016

    7,73 €
  • Alvinne Wild West...

    3,93 €
  • De Leite Cuvée Soeur'ise

    3,60 €
  • Alvinne Cuvée Sofie Rabarber

    3,69 €
  • Buxton Mangifera

    3,36 €
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  • Nevel Bries

    8,47 €
  • Hof Ten Dormaal Bramen

    3,21 €
  • Dois Corvos Loquat Nation

    3,90 €
  • Dois Corvos Raspberry Jam

    3,90 €
  • Alvinne's Felowship 2018 -2...

    14,05 €
  • Alvinne's Felowship 2018 -3...

    13,22 €
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  • Alvinne's Felowship 2018 -5...

    13,64 €
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  • Alvinne's Felowship 2018 -6...

    12,40 €
  • Atom Blend One - Beer Wine...

    21,37 €

    "Our new blended series came about so we can showcase how we take ingredients and techniques normally used to create other products such as wine and cider and apply those to our beers. First in the series is a beer/wine hybrid using Cab Sauv grapes from the Western slope of Colorado. We conducted a punch down on the grapes twice a day for two weeks and then let the beer rest on them for 6 months. We then removed the beer off the grapes and blended it once more with 25% of our golden sour base to create the final product."

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  • De Leite Cuvée Père Passionist

    2,93 €
  • Siphon / Blaugies / Tempel...

    2,80 €
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  • Bellwoods Farmageddon - N....

    17,56 €
  • Bellwoods Barn Owl -16

    17,56 €

    "As years passed and our oak aged beer became more robust, we discovered many unique, interesting, single barrels deserving of a special release. Barn Owl was created as a response to these lone wolves, and has grown into a diverse, ongoing series that reflects the growing diversity of our barrel program. The name is a nod to the wise and exacting animal that keeps watch over the farmhouse (er..industrial warehouse), and the one-off creations are released sporadically throughout the year, just as soon as we deem the barrels ripe for the picking."

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  • Bellwoods White Picket...

    11,36 €

    "A symbol synonymous with Bellwoods Brewery; our White Picket Fence has undergone a complete overhaul and its re-envisioned form much better reflects the direction of our brewery. This foeder fermented saison is the result of a unique blending regimen wherein 6 month aged beer is mixed with a small percentage of fresh beer, before being gently dry-hopped and bottle conditioned. Labour intensive in process, but rewarding in result. A complex, layered beer with perfect champagne-like carbonation to carry the lemon meringue aromatics, bright hop character, and rich brett notes. Refined and balanced acidity with lots of complimentary citrus.."

  • Alvinne Phi Smoked Pineapple

    3,73 €

    Phi (Blond Sour) aged with Smoked pineapples.

  • Alvinne Sigma Wild Forest

    3,60 €

    Sigma (Dark sour) macerated with Forest Fruits (Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries) for over 2 months.

  • Hof Ten Dormaal Zeebezen

    3,28 €
  • Alvinne Farmhouse Sour -1 -...

    3,69 €

    Sour Saison aged with quince.

  • Alvinne's Felowship 2019 -1...

    20,66 €

    Cuvée Sofie with Schaarbeekkse Krieks and raspberries.

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  • Alvinne's Felowship 2019 -4...

    19,83 €

    From Alvinne's Facebook: " Lothlorien was a forest and Elven realm near the lower Misty Mountains. It was considered one pf the most beautifull places in Middle Earth. Galadriel's magic, later revealed as the power of her ring Nenya enriched the land and made it a magic forest into which evil could not enter without difficulty. The only way that Llothlórien could have been conquered by the armies of Mordor is if Sauron had come there himself. Fellowship beer n°4 Llothlorien was brewed with and by two Catalan Elves. The result, Cuveée Anna, was aged on 400 l red wine barrel. We've added handpicked plums, sloeberries, blackberries and some blueberries (not handpicked). Dark fruits of the forest macerated on a Flemish red ale, I promise you, you will find yourself in Llothlorien."...

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  • Siren Royal Crumble

    3,83 €

    "We're recreating the classic crumble in all its sweet and sour wonder. Sharp, tangy rhubarb joins forces with a kettle sour base to bring vibrant, mouth-puckering tartness. Our crumble topping combines biscuity, nutty mixed-grain malts with delicate spices, while lactose brings everything together with silky smooth body and comforting sweetness."

  • Alvinne SloePhi

    3,60 €

    Phi (Blond Sourà) matured for several months with handpicked sloeberries.

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  • Atrium Maracu'Jaya

    3,28 €

    Kettle sour with loads of Brazilian tropical fruits: Passion Fruit and Papaya.

  • Hof Ten Dormaal Perziken

    3,28 €

    Zure van Tildonk (Sour BA blond) aged for 7 months with peaches.

  • La Source Primitive 008 -...

    3,13 €

    "We wanted to go bold on fruit for othis one. We added a huge amount fo raspberries and rhubarb in order to transform this beer into a real fruit extravangza!"

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  • De Moersleutel 4 Years...

    4,62 €

    "Quadruple fruited Sour Ale, fermented with four types of berry for our four years anniversary. The beer contains strawberry, raspberry, blackberry and blueberry. As a finish we've added vanilla to round the beer up with a smooth aftertaste"

  • DDVD Korenaar Bien-Sûr -...

    3,99 €

    Spiced sour ale aged in Gin barrels with Crnaberries.

  • Siren / van Moll Guava Script
    • Nouveau

    Siren / van Moll Guava Script

    4,06 €

    "Both Sean {our new Head Brewer} and Erwin {of Van Moll fame} have been keen to experiment with pink guava, so this collaboration recipe almost coded itself! Our sour sensation is intensified with mango and passionfruit before being dry-hopped with Azacca and Mosaic."