Liste des produits par marque La Source Beer CO

  • La Source Belle Dame...

    10,57 €

    "For this edition of Belle Dame, we added a generous dose of seasonal rhubarb to make it even more refreshing than before!"

  • La Source Carpe

    2,74 €

    Session IPA hopped with Calista, Mosaic and Citra

  • La Source Ephémère V3...

    4,43 €

    Version 3 with Chinook, Citra and Galaxy. "Ephemere is a serie of Double IPA with an ever-changing dry hopping. Their denominator: a titanic dry hopping of 20g/L and a pillowy malt base of oats, wheat & cara. Above all, do not age!"

  • La Source Estivale

    6,34 €

    " A Seasonal beer to celebrate summer! We blend together organic nectarines and one of our oldest beers matured in white wine barrels."

  • La Source Fecce
    • Nouveau

    La Source Fecce

    7,69 €

    "For this collaboration with Vino Di Proceno, we received red wine lees directly from their vineyard in Italy! We blended them with a light, wild and sour beer. We created a surprising hybrid."

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  • La Source Grand Duc

    4,85 €

    Wild Stout. "Half of this stout aged for a year in Belgian Owl barrels without our wild culture before being blended with a new stout to round out its aromatic profile."

  • La Source Hulotte

    4,11 €

    Cappuccino imperial stout with Wide Awake espresso, lactose, and cocoa

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  • La Source Jinx

    4,72 €

    "At the brewery, we have a saying: Everyday's a different jinx. To ward off bad luck. What's better than brewing a huge imperial stout and aging it in well peated whisky (Bowmore) barrels ? A gift from the jinx gods..."

  • La Source La Meute

    3,19 €

    Tropical Hazy IPA! Mosaic Cryo, Eldorado and Sorachi Ace (BE) + Golden Promise and Oats

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  • La Source Locuste

    4,85 €

    "Locuste is the barrel aged version of our sour gruit : Criquet. It stayed for several month in white wine barrels which, with the conjugated efforts of the wild yeast we added, mellowed the base beer and gave it more complexity"

  • La Source Louve

    3,19 €

    "A Double IPA brewed with a generous base of spelt, oats, pilsner and vienna that has been double dry hopped with Hallertau Blanc, Citra and Sabro. A pleasant hop Uppercut..."

  • La Source Malice

    6,50 €

    "This series explores the endless possibilities of fermented liquids. For this first hybrid, we fermented one of our sour beers over dried apples and then let it rest in barrels. Finally, we blended it with a cider co-produced with Fermenthings. The result is a hybrid, a chimera from ancient times"

  • La Source Mésange

    4,85 €

    "Mésange is our expression of balance. A light Saison. Quick soured and then barrel aged on our house culture. Slightly wild,, slightly hoppy but above all very drinkable.

  • La Source Moineau

    2,74 €

    "Micro IPA w/ Galaxy, Citra & Sorachi. The ultimate summer crusher! A super light IPA packed with loads of hops. Refreshing yet very aromatic. It doesn't even count. It's just half a beer ! So Cheers."

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  • La Source Murin

    3,56 €

    "It all starts with a complex malt bill. A generous vienna / munich base. The best dark malts and rye for roundness. A long fermentation follows, followed by an even longer lagering. The result is pure and elegant, polished by time..."

  • La Source Pigeon

    2,39 €

    "Sour ale dry hopped with Belgian Sorachi Ace. Notes of key lime sorbet "

  • La Source Primitive 017 -...

    4,85 €

    "Kumquat Imperial Sour. Co-fermented by our house yeast, lactobacillus and lager yeast. Thanks to the enzymes we added, this beer ended up very dry despite its high alcohol content. We then let it finish its fermentation on seasonal kumquats and a light dry hopping."

  • La Source Primitive 027 -...

    5,51 €

    "The magic of bretts associated with peaches. Complex and refreshing..."

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  • La Source Primitive 029 -...

    2,77 €

    "A clena and sessional hoppy beer. Brewed with some of the finest hops from New Zealand: Motueka, Nelson Sauvin, Riwaka! Thirst quenching as hell..."

  • La Source Salamandre

    3,76 €

    "Our seasonal beer to celebrate summer: lots of raspberries with a touch of rubarb for the indulgence. A refreshing and regressive beer to be enjoyed in the sun."

  • La Source Sauterelle

    4,85 €

    White wine barrel aged sour gruit w/ hand picked and dried mugwort

  • La Source Sauterelle -...

    5,51 €

    "Our Barrel aged sour gruit has been enhanced with a generous dose of cucumber!"

  • La Source Stemmed Glass

    4,96 €

    25cl stemmed glass

  • La Source Tumbler Glass

    4,96 €

    50cl glass

  • La Source TWO: Hoppy Kolsch
    • Nouveau

    La Source TWO: Hoppy Kolsch

    2,87 €

    "2 years is something to celebrate! To tag along with our 4 anniversary gigs, we offer you 4 freaky beers ! Here, a quite refreshing kölsch generously hopped with solero, cryo idaho7 & mosaic. Cheers !"

  • La Source Vipère

    2,79 €

    "Vipère is a sour beer that allies a refreshing tartness of a lactobacillus fermentation to the hyper aromatic qualities of Mosaic and Chinnok hops, beware..."