Blanche / Witbier


  • Verzet Space Cadet

    1,96 €
  • Atrium Clémentine

    2,65 €
  • DDVD Korenaar Nouveau...

    11,15 €

    Belgium Style Wheat beer with rosemary, aged on Brunello Barrels. best before is 11/2023

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  • La Source Libellule

    3,36 €

    "A refreshing interpretation of the classic belgian wit : expressive yeast, spices, lots of wheat but with a copious amount of hops! "

  • La Malpolon Blé Fenouil

    6,06 €

    "Bière de blé (40%) inspirée du style witbier, les épices traditionnelles sont remplacées par un ajout de graines de fenouil sauvage pour apporter plus de fraîcheur. Malts et céréales de la moitié Sud, houblons alsaciens." BB 04/23

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  • Alvinne Morpheus Wit

    1,98 €

    Belgian white beer brewed with Morpheus yeast. BB is 12/2023

  • Solo Philia

    2,45 €

    "The historic Fix Cafe celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with an exclusive beer that we ve brewed together. A refreshing Wit Ale that encloses 25 years of friendship, togetherness and unforgettable moments in a bottle that bubbles coolness and juicy aromas of citrus fruits, spring flowers and coriander. Philia ... meaning friendship in Greek is a word with priceless value that cannot be bought. Enjoy it exclusively at #Fixcafe ... Heraklion downtown."

  • Alvinne Morpheus Wit...

    14,77 €

    Funky Wheat Beer aged on Portuguese White Moscatel barrels

  • DOK Wit

    3,28 €

    "4.5% Belgian White with malted barley, wheat and oats. We also added yuzu and ginger."

  • Lervig Super Blanc

    3,53 €
    : 3

    "Super Blanc is a zesty brew with a delightful citrus twist. Pouring a hazy pale yellow with a frothy white head. The aroma is a delightful blend of spicy coriander, tangy lemon, and a hint of sweet orange. On the palate, the flavors bursts of tangy citrus, and lemon which adds a sharp acidic note that cuts through the creamy wheat base. It finishes clean and refreshing, with a subtle hint of coriander and a bright citrus aftertaste."

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