Milk/Sweet Stout


  • Atrium Kofi - Indonesian...

    3,98 €

    Milk Stout with Indonesian Coffee.

  • De Moersleutel Graxx

    5,20 €

    Moccha Hazelnut cream horn stout.

  • Siren Barrel Aged Caribbean...

    5,25 €

    "This is a special barrel aged version of Caribbean Chocolate Cake, one of our all-time favourite beers, created in collaboration with Cigar City Brewing. Our dense, rich and luxurious stout has been maturing in bourbon barrels, picking up delicious vanilla, whiskey and oak character."

  • Siren Caribbean Chocolate...

    4,34 €

    "Our most extravagant beer meets the most extravagant breakfast in this year's Caribbean Chocolate Cake twist. We've adjusted the base here a little to allow the pancake element to come through. We're layering maple notes from syrup to wood, maximising depth of flavour. A small amount of smoked malt, working in tandem with bourbon maple staves and the sweet, sticky undertone adds a delicate aroma akin to the impact you'd get from perfectly prepared streaky bacon. A generous helping of cacao and a dusting of spices, in part from the expressive Amburana wood, completes this liquid guilty pleasure. "

  • Siren / Cigar City...

    4,09 €

    "This collaboration with Cigar City Brewing is one of our all-time favourites. Caribbean Chocolate Cake is a dense, rich and luxurious stout brimming with hand-roasted cacao nibs selected by the esteemed Willie's Cacao, and harmonised by Cypress wood spirals. Pure canned indulgence. Now on nitro for the first time ever!"

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  • Atrium Kofi - Brazilian Coffee

    3,98 €

    Milk Stout with Brazilian Coffee

  • Atrium Kofi - Colombian Coffee

    3,98 €

    Milk Stout with Colombian Coffee