Belgian Blond Ale


  • De la Senne Zinnebir

    2,21 €

    Organic Hoppy Ale.

  • Westvleteren Blond

    12,19 €
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  • De Dolle Boskeun

    3,28 €

    Easter beer made with Honey. Vintage 2022

  • De Ranke XX Bitter

    1,99 €
  • De Ranke XX Bitter

    5,93 €
    : 3
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  • De Ranke XXX Bitter

    7,40 €
    : 4
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  • De Ranke Père Noel

    1,93 €

    Vintage 2022. "Père Noël is a Christmas ale, though very different from any other Christmas ales you might know. While most Christmas ales are rich & sweet, this one is amber-coloured, 7% vol. Alc. strong and tastes quite bitter. The complex taste is completed with the addition of liquorice. In the recipe we can also find pale malt, Munich malt, Caramel malt, Brewers Gold hops and Hallertau hops."

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  • De Ranke Simplex

    1,93 €
  • De Dolle Stille Nacht 2017

    9,50 €
  • Verzet Super NoAH

    1,76 €
  • De la Senne Taras Boulba

    2,09 €

    Organic Hoppy Belgian Pale Ale

  • De la Senne Bruxellensis

    2,67 €
  • Belgoo Luppo Extra

    2,06 €
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  • Den Herberg Cuvée Devillé

    2,57 €
  • De Dolle Arabier

    3,08 €
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  • De Ranke Franc Belge

    1,98 €

    Spéciale Ambrée (Spécial Belge) - Amber

  • De la Senne Brussels Calling

    2,62 €

    Belgian IPA. Vintage 2023. "Bitter is Better". Brewed with organic ingredients.

  • De Dolle Stille Nacht 2019

    7,02 €
  • Orval 2020

    5,74 €
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  • Den Herberg Cuvée Devillé...

    3,61 €

    Brett Belgian Pale Ale aged for two years in oak barrels.

  • De Dolle Lichtervelds Blond

    2,87 €

    Vintage 2020

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  • Abbaye des Rocs Blonde

    1,89 €
  • Atrium 'Verno 20

    4,02 €

    "Winter ale inspired by a Buche de Noël! Brewed with Vienna malt for a lightly sweet and nutty body, oats for a creamy mouthfeel, rye for a touch of spiciness, lactose for the milky side, Madagascar vanilla for the dessert aroma, cacao nibs for the chocolate touch and last but not least, a lot of home roasted pecan nuts... because we love it.
    Ou comme un client la décrit : Gourmande, crèmeuse, réconfortante. Douillette comme des pantoufles chaudes"

  • Orval 2021

    4,75 €
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  • DDVD Korenaar Parfum de...

    16,41 €

    A blend of blond barrel-aged beers (finesse Pure Oak, Extase, Tous va bien, fresh passe partout (white maltport) dryhopped with First Gold and flavored with sweet woodruff.

  • DDVD Korenaar Coupe Soleil

    16,41 €

    A powerfull blend of blond and dark barrelaged beers flavoured with Bergamot and lime-honey.

  • De Dolle Stille Nacht 2021

    5,12 €
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  • Solo 13th Apostle

    4,09 €

    "We created this beer especially for Easter, one of the greatest celebrations of the year, and in small quantity. A wonderful, complicated beer inspired by these days, aromatized with lemongrass & roasted pepper, but also with fruitful attributes from Belgian yeast and Citra hops. "Godsent" to accompany your Easter mood ... Wish you all a happy Easter ! "

  • De la Senne / Thiriez Zinne...

    2,01 €

    "As you all know, we are celebrating the 20th anniversary of Zinnebir with three specials collabs. For this second collab, we visited French-Flanders and our friend Daniel Thiriez. This time we used a different set of hops to brew the recipe: Daniel selected 100% French hops, cultivated by a cooperative called Comptoir Agricole. The character of Zinnebir was well respected. However, her bitterness is a bit more rustic and she has a different kind of fruitiness. We detect some physalis and different floral, herbal and spicy notes."

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  • De Ranke Hop Harvest 2022

    6,96 €

    "When the hop farmers start harvesting, we start brewing our Hop Harvest. The fresh, undried hop flowers are picked in the morning, and on the same day they are used in the Hop Harvest-brew, straight from the field. Because we use 'wet hops', the beer has a fresh, floral, and pleasantly bitter taste. By changing the recipe every year, the outcome is always a surprise. Drink this beer young if you can, that's when the wet hop shows of their floral character the most."

  • De Dolle Stille Nacht 2022

    4,30 €
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  • Struise Tjeeses Reserva 2020

    3,65 €

    Blond winter ale matured in Port barrels

  • Hof ten Dormaal Golden...

    2,22 €

    Blond beer co-fermented with apple juice and with Champagne yeast.

  • Orval 2023

    3,02 €
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