Hazy / New England IPA


  • Buxton Axe^X

    4,12 €

    NEIPA based on Axe Edge (200% increased dry hopping and 20% oats added to the grist

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  • Lervig Perler for Svin

    3,55 €

    "Loaded with Azzaca, Mosaic and Simcoe hops, this low-bitterness IPA has an extremely juicy aroma to complement the complex mouthfeel. Our extensive dry-hopping and fermentation regiment ensures we archieve Garden of Eden juiciness. The resulting flavour is in-your-face-tropical mango and lychee with stone fruit finishing notes."

  • Lervig Tasty Juice

    5,31 €
  • La Source Lièvre

    3,58 €

    Double dry-hopped w. Mosaic & Strata

  • La Source La Meute

    3,58 €

    Tropical Hazy IPA! Mosaic Cryo, Eldorado and Sorachi Ace (BE) + Golden Promise and Oats

  • Stu Mostów Wishing Well

    3,63 €

    "Whishing Well is a turbid IPA in which wheat in the form of wheat malt and wheat flakes was used in an amount of almost 50% of the total filling! Intensively hopped with an Australian – American – New Zealand schnitzel that gives a large amount of refreshing tropical and citrus aromas."

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  • Laugar Rookie

    4,62 €

    Hazy IPA w/ Galaxy hops

  • Soma Eazy IPA

    4,93 €

    Hops: Mosaic, Citra, Azacca & Azacca Cryo.

  • Buxton Phoenix

    4,54 €
    : 4

    "A juicy India Pale Ale with abundant ripe mango and stone fruit, alongside citrus fruit notes from a combination of Mosaic, Simcoe and Ekuanot hops."

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  • Buxton Pyrus

    4,54 €

    "For this hazy IPA we added Harlequin hops at three different stages - in the whirlpool, then dip hopped in FV, and finally dry hopped. Harlequin is the juiciest of modern UK hops and brings big tropical flavours including peach and passionfruit."

  • Neon Raptor One Track Lover

    5,88 €

    "I brewed a New England IPA. It was all Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado, and Columbus. It's smooth, like ice, cold to the touch and tastes very nice."

  • Neon Raptor Singles in Your...

    6,16 €

    "You won't believe your eyes. Hot SINGLES IN YOUR AREA want to meet up with you NOW. This DDH IPA is bursting with Mosaic, Motueka AND Columbus for a full on citrus fruit hop assault. You won't believe your tastebuds!"

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  • Kees A Whiter Shade of Ale

    3,24 €
    : 1

    Hazy Thiol IPA.

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  • Bereta Alley Cat

    4,88 €

    DDH IPA with Mosaic, HBC630 and Nelson Sauvin

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  • Bereta Green Stream

    4,56 €
    : 2

    DDH IPA with Bru-1, Eclipse and Mosaic

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  • Soma Anytime

    5,73 €
    : 1

    IPA w. Citra, Mosaic & Motuek

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  • Soma Crash Landing

    5,64 €

    IPA w. Citra, Idaho 7, Idaho 7 Cryo & HBC 63

  • Soma Dead Silent

    5,76 €

    IPA w. Citra, Nelson, kohatu & Motueka

  • Surréaliste Two-Year...

    5,35 €

    "For our second year anniversary, we’ve brewed a super rich IPA with tons of oats and a touch of milk sugar resulting a super smooth and silky texture. The beer was then triple dry hopped with 18 grams per liter of Citra and Galaxy giving notes of passion fruit, mango and citrus and a gentle bitterness backnote. Enjoy!"

  • Gross Mamu

    5,20 €

    "The first of three collaborations with Phantasm, using this ingredient to achieve an extraordinarily aromatic NEIPA with a strong tropical fruit aroma. By adding Phantasm to the whirlpool and the early addition of dry hopping, we were able to give an extra boost and achieve an amazing aroma result. Phantasm is a powder derived from Marlborough Sauvignon Blanc grapes from New Zealand, rich in thiol precursors known to create aromas of citrus, guava and passion fruit."

  • Lervig Spezial Pilsner

    2,72 €
    : 4

    "This hoppy unfiltered pilsner is a refreshing and flavorful take on the classic style. The hops provide a burst of flavor and aroma that’s balanced by a clean malt character and a crisp, refreshing finish. It’s the next thing to drinking it fresh from the brewery’s cellar tanks, as you can taste the beer exactly as the brewer intended. It’s a great choice for who want to try something with a little more flavor, but still want the drinkability of a classic pilsner."

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  • La Source Gimme Some Mo

    4,06 €
    : 2

    "A juicy IPA that highlights two beautiful hops: Mosaic and Motueka"

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  • Peninsula Flaming Flamingos

    4,45 €

    "Flaming Flamingos is a 5.2% Hazy IPA, brewed with El Dorado, Citra, Chinook, Cashmere, Vic Secret."

  • Peninsula Mambo

    4,50 €

    "Mambo is part of a series of three beers inspired by Afro-Cuban rhythms and dances, along with Guaguancó and Boogaloo. It is a 5.9% Hazy IPA, brewed with Summit, Mosaic, Citra, El Dorado, Sabro, HBC 586."

  • Bereta Another One Down

    4,86 €

    "Heavily Hopped 2Y Anniversary IPA with Citra, Simcoe & Columbus."

  • Bereta Five Down

    4,86 €

    "Heavily Hopped 5Y Anniversary IPA with El Dorado, Sabro, Citra & Simcoe CRYO."

  • Bereta Four Down

    4,86 €

    "Heavily Hopped 4Y Anniversary IPA with Idaho Gem, Simcoe, El Dorado & Simcoe CRYO."

  • Bereta / PINTA Look Up

    4,88 €

    Heavily Hopped IPA with Talus, Nelson Sauvin, Citra, Citra CRYO. Collaboration with Pinta

  • Bereta One Down

    4,56 €

    Heavily Hopped 1Y Anniversary IPA with Citra & Simcoe.

  • Bereta Seven Down

    4,86 €

    "Heavily Hopped 7Y Anniversary IPA with Talus, Citra, Simcoe & Sabro CRYO."

  • Bereta Six Down

    4,86 €

    "Heavily Hopped 6Y Anniversary IPA with Mosaic, Sabro, Centennial & Simcoe."

  • Bereta So Full of Simcoe

    4,86 €

    "Heavily Hopped IPA with Simcoe."

  • Bereta Three Down

    4,86 €

    "Heavily Hopped 3Y Anniversary IPA with El Dorado, Simcoe & Galaxy."

  • Bereta Top Engine Move

    4,88 €

    Heavily Hopped IPA with Galaxy, Nelson Sauvin & Citra CRYO.

  • Peninsula Craving
    • Nouveau

    Peninsula Craving

    4,45 €

    "Craving is a full-bodied 6.1% Hazy IPA to satisfy your beer cravings. This sweet-to-mouth IPA is brewed with Sabro, El Dorado, Cryo Sabro, and Simcoe hops. Discover that desire to enjoy the sweet in every sip of this beer, with a fruity character and a balanced bitterness."

  • Peninsula Satin
    • Nouveau

    Peninsula Satin

    4,45 €

    "Enjoy Satin, our 5.9% Oat Cream IPA, a silky and creamy beer. With a copious amount of oats and Sabro, Mosaic, Bru 1 and Cashmere hops, Satin exudes delicacy and creaminess, a super smooth IPA on the palate."