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Sour - Wild Ale

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  • Marque : Cyclic Beer Farm
  • Cyclic Beer Farm /...

    7,02 €

    "This is a special beer brewed with our good friends Peninsula Brewing from Madrid. Brewed half as a no boil sour and half extremely hoppy then blended and fermented with a blend Lactobacillus Plantarum and Voss Kveik yeast (Lallamand yeast labs) and finished the fermentation with our house saison yeast blend to create a tart, dry and fruity low alcohol summer crusher. This beer was brewed the last day before the covid-19 lockdown here in Spain. The name is inspired by many of our lives, especially in the drinks industry, stuck at home and trying to make the best of a messed up situation. Just in time for the easing of restrictions we release this for you all to enjoy at home till we can enjoy properly at the beach."

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm / Gora...

    8,83 €

    "This is a collaboration with Gora Craft Beer (Basque Country). We used 66% of wort directly fermented with cider apples for 3 months and 33% of funky saison. Natural yeast from apple skins with farmhouse - house mix and funky blend"

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