India Pale Ale


  • Kees Mosaic Hop

    2,12 €
  • Verzet Rebel Local

    1,91 €
  • DDVD Korenaar Belle-Fleur

    2,21 €
  • Verzet Golden Tricky

    1,91 €
  • Siren Soundwave

    1,84 €
  • Buxton Axe Edge

    2,39 €
  • Naparbier Pillow Fight

    2,55 €
    Rupture de stock
  • Belgoo Bloemekei

    2,16 €
  • L'Ermitage Berto's Early...

    2,72 €
    Rupture de stock
  • De Ranke Amer-Amer

    1,91 €
  • Siphon Damme Nation

    2,80 €
    Rupture de stock
  • Lervig Orange Velvet

    2,90 €
  • DDVD Korenaar Revanche

    2,32 €

    American IPA triple dry-hopped.

  • Verzet Unwanted Tattoo

    2,04 €

    Ginger IPA

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  • Struise Ignis - Flamma

    2,25 €
  • Struise Kill - Destroy IPA

    3,69 €

    309 IBU, 30 EBC

    Rupture de stock
  • Totem Kveik IPA

    3,08 €

    Kveik IPA dry hopped with Wai-Ti and Simcoe. 50 IBU; 20 EBC

  • Buxton Lupulus X - HBC 692

    3,28 €

    Single Hop IPA with HBC 692.

  • The Garden India Pale Ale
    • Nouveau

    The Garden India Pale Ale

    2,19 €

    "Hops inspired by the American west coast with a yeast from the East. This is our take on a classic. Pours golden in colour, with a slight haze and a lingering tight, white head. Dry hopped 3 times with a mix of American, Australian and German hops; On the aroma you are greeted straight away with notes of pine, peach and passionfruit. On the palate apricot and naval orange shine through with a well-balanced bitterness backed up by a subtle sweetness from the south pacific hops and the unique yeast we use. Full bodied and medium carbonation make this IPA surprisingly easy to drink. "

  • Siren Be More Pacific
    • Nouveau

    Siren Be More Pacific

    4,04 €

    "We're excited to keep experimenting with California IPA, a style crisp, clean and refreshing on the palate, with pilsner malt making up most of the base. In this iteration Simcoe, Citra, Amarillo and Azacca combine to bring the sticky, tropical and piney notes that we love so much in these beers"

  • Siren The Perfect Crime
    • Nouveau

    Siren The Perfect Crime

    4,23 €

    "Our latest IPA is in an evolving line of recipes that we have dubbed 'Tasty IPAs' - no preconceptions about coasts, all focus on flavour. This time we're experimenting with Citra - Ekuanot Incognito, a new product designed to get maximum impact in the whirlpool. Tropical, dank and delicious."

  • Siren Be Even More Pacific
    • Nouveau

    Siren Be Even More Pacific

    4,29 €

    "We're excited to keep experimenting with California IPA, a style crisp, clean and refreshing on the palate. In this iteration we're using Nelson Sauvin hops for some amazing white grape and gooseberry notes. This is in addition to the sticky, tropical and resinous flavours that we love so much in these beers, driven by Citra, Simcoe and Hallertau Blanc."

  • Siren The World Beyond My Window
    • Nouveau

    Siren The World Beyond My...

    3,75 €

    "This celebratory IPA was brewed to mark HonestBrew’s 7th Birthday and it's a true collaboration between supplier, brewery, shop and drinker, with each element of the beer voted for by HonestBrew members. The beer is bold, full of flavour and strives to blend the best of East Coast and West Coast IPA. Enjoy! "

  • Kees Pink Grapefruit IPA
    • Nouveau

    Kees Pink Grapefruit IPA

    2,78 €

    IPA brewed with grapefruit and hopped with Sorachi ace.