Liste des produits par marque Σόλο (Solo)

  • Solo 13th Apostle

    4,09 €

    "We created this beer especially for Easter, one of the greatest celebrations of the year, and in small quantity. A wonderful, complicated beer inspired by these days, aromatized with lemongrass & roasted pepper, but also with fruitful attributes from Belgian yeast and Citra hops. "Godsent" to accompany your Easter mood ... Wish you all a happy Easter ! "

  • Solo Grapy

    9,51 €

    Blond ale spontaneously feremnted on wine must.

  • Solo Philia

    2,45 €

    "The historic Fix Cafe celebrates its 25th anniversary this year with an exclusive beer that we ve brewed together. A refreshing Wit Ale that encloses 25 years of friendship, togetherness and unforgettable moments in a bottle that bubbles coolness and juicy aromas of citrus fruits, spring flowers and coriander. Philia ... meaning friendship in Greek is a word with priceless value that cannot be bought. Enjoy it exclusively at #Fixcafe ... Heraklion downtown."

  • Solo Skotidi

    10,65 €
    : 1

    Moccha Imperial Stout

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  • Solo Wild Fermented Barrel...

    8,67 €
    : 1

    "Things often do not go as planned. When we racked our simple blond ale to some barrels and left them in warm conditions in the summer of 2020, then we thought that it would get sour pretty fast. But it did not. After checking it for funk and acidity for months, then we actually got tired and forgot about it. Until one day, about one year later. We call that our «Wow-day». This is about mother nature doing its thing. About microorganisms without a leash. Our only word for this is: «respect»."

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