Sour Stout


  • Loverbeer Marchè'l Re 2015

    7,54 €
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  • Loverbeer Papessa 2011

    7,10 €

    Sour Imperial Stout. Best Before shown on bottle: End 2015.

  • Verzet Oaky Moaky Wiskey BA

    2,72 €
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  • Siren Odyssey 009

    9,76 €

    "Odyssey 009 is a blend of sherry and bourbon barrel-aged Even More Jesus (a collab we did with Evil Twin back in the day!) combined with a red wine barrel-aged saison. We then inoculate the balanced blend with brett and lactic acid bacteria. Finally, fresh Brazilian coffee is added giving the finished beer a fruity acidity, roasted chocolate, nuttiness and and rounded caramel and toffee finish."

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  • Alvinne Mano Negra Virgin Oak

    15,33 €
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  • Hof Ten Dormaal Hof Ten...

    2,46 €
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  • Alvinne Mano Negra

    11,00 €
  • La Source Grand Duc

    4,85 €

    Wild Stout. "Half of this stout aged for a year in Belgian Owl barrels without our wild culture before being blended with a new stout to round out its aromatic profile."