• Surréaliste Venus Effect

    3,03 €

    "Kettle-soured Gose brewed with sea salt and dry-hopped with El Dorado, Idaho 7 and Chinook for a resinous touch. With a super silky mouthfeel, its tartness and refreshing salinity makes it a perfect summer beer."

  • Surréaliste Hands of Desire...

    9,35 €
    : 4

    "Gose-style sour ale aged for 6 months in Viogner barrels. The salinity mixes perfectly with the tannins from the oak leading to a super sesssionable ale"

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  • Surréaliste Hands of Desire...

    11,15 €

    ""Hands of Desire" stands for handmade & artisanal brewing. Devoted craftsmen to fulfill your desire for outstanding & highly creative beers. This sour ale was infused with fresh lime and sea salt, then aged for 10 months in Mezcal barrels, providing notes of dark wood, tobacco and vanilla."

  • La Source Daim

    3,12 €

    "A modern interpretation of the classic Belgian Triple. More bitterness, lighter on the esters. Resinous, peppery & elderflower notes."

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  • Gross Raspmel

    4,93 €

    "Fruited gose brewed with a decent amount of flaked oats and sea salt. Kettle soured with a clean, citrus foward lactobacilus strain and fermented with our house expressive ale yeast strain and conditioned on top of kilos and kilos of peach and rapsberry puree. Lovely pink color with a white head, Rasomel comes with notes of fruit yougurth, juicy peach and raspberry jam. Clean sour with a slightly salty finish." BB is 12/23

  • DOK Pink On The Inside

    2,80 €

    Watermelon Gose

  • La Source Deal With It

    4,43 €

    "BREWED FOR A CONCERT / Chiyoda Ku has a phlegmatic electricness that creates beatiful tensions. For their concert at the brewpub, we brewed a strong Gose with pineapple, passion and habanero. Between pleasant sweetness and stinging heat"

  • La Source Black Tiger

    3,96 €

    "For Unsane's gig at the brewery we wanted to brew a big, intense, bitter and aromatic IPA that showcases Citra and Mosaic. A powerful ''hoppercut'' in your face!"

  • La Source Racines

    8,57 €

    "Gose with Pinot Noir pommace, lemon balm and fig leaves. This goes has been infused with grapes and herbs from the vineyard of Philip Lardot (Mosel), a real snapshot of his terroir."

  • La Source Ensemble
    • Nouveau

    La Source Ensemble

    3,28 €
    : 4

    Kumquat & Habanero Gose

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  • Popihn Gose Fleur de Sel / Coriande
    • Nouveau

    Popihn Gose Fleur de Sel /...

    3,48 €
    : 4

    Gose wiith unrefuned salt and coriander

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