Sour/Wild Ale


  • Alvinne Phi

    2,03 €
  • Alvinne Sigma

    2,03 €
  • Alvinne Omega

    1,98 €
  • Oersoep Inbetween

    10,10 €
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  • Stillwell Poptones

    10,92 €
  • Lervig Human Nature

    3,07 €

    Guava Sour

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  • Alvinne Vaccin 1.0

    3,28 €

    First beer of the new experimental series Vaccin (Various Ales Creative Challenging Innovative New). Phi (Blond Sour) dryhopped with Barbe Rouge.

  • La Source Pigeon

    2,85 €

    "Sour ale dry hopped with Belgian Sorachi Ace. Notes of key lime sorbet "

  • Alvinne Vaccin 2.5

    1,96 €

    Fifth beer of the new experimental series Vaccin (Various Ales Creative Challenging Innovative New). Blond session sour made with Morpheuse (houseculture) and dry hopped.

  • Alvinne's Fellowship 2020...

    25,62 €

    "Alvinne Fellowship 2020 Ale No 4: SloePhi blended with BA Mead from De Mederie"

  • Alvinne's Fellowship 2020...

    23,93 €

    "Alvinne Fellowship 2020 Ale No 5: Cuvée Elenna 10 month BA on Vermouth barrel with seabuckthorn"

  • Cyclic Beer Farm / Dry...

    7,71 €

    "Matinada is a special collaboration brew made at our brewery in Barcelona with our good friends at Dry River Brewing in Los Angeles. Dry clean dark sour with special additions of coffee from local Barcelona coffee roaster Nømad, Valencia oranges and dry hopped with Mandarina Bavaria hops. Notes of chocolate and oranges with a balanced acidity that's perfect for the winter holidays. Salud."

  • Alvinne / Vrijstaat Vanmol...

    10,55 €

    "Nørse Man is a Viking beer brewed with barley and buckwheat and aged in wood. It is a slightly sour beer, brewed in the Norwegian way with kveik yeast. The brewers of Vrijstaat Vanmol went to Norway especially to learn the tricks of the trade at a Norwegian brewery. Then the brewers of Vrijstaat Vanmol and Alvinne put their heads together. The result was a fresh, slightly sour beer with a soft fruity hop taste, rounded off with northern wood notes "

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  • Nevel / De Natte Gijt Zwam

    13,13 €

    "Barrel-aged wild dark beer with mushrooms, collab with De Natte Gijt. Earthy, lightly sour and spicy beer that has aged on oak for 19 months. These mushrooms have been cooked along during the end of the cooking process to release their flavor. The dark base beer gives nicely complementary flavors of toasted bread and caramel. This beer has aged on oak for 19 months. The barrel aging has brought all flavors together. Zwam is a sour dark beer, with lots of savory umami notes from the mushrooms. Yet Zwam is surprisingly fresh with fruity notes due to the long maturation. Autumn in your glass! Ideally suited to drink with a rich mushroom stove or in front of the fireplace after a day of mushroom hunting."

  • Kemker Fliärblome

    15,84 €

    "Fliärblome is a blend of spontaneous wheat beer with elderflowers and young Aoltbeer. Sour and refreshing with the taste of elderflowers."

  • Casey Funky Blender Pluot

    36,98 €

    "Flavor King pluots, what else needs to be said? This variety is literally the King of Flavors! The blend delights from the start of the pour. Pink foam that not only drops off the kids for the birthday, but then sticks around for the flavor party. What? Does anyone read these? Classic Colorado plum aromas in the nose just remind me why I love plums so much, I hope we can get more this year. Low/medium acidity and rich body that makes one think it's actually sweet. All hail the Flavor King."

  • DOK Pants, Where Is My Dude?

    3,03 €

    "Our latest, in the series of 'Dude, where is my...', is not a session sour this time but a nice full-bodied sour Double IPA. The floral and citrus aromas of the hops in the combo with the light acidity in the can is a pleasant refresher."

  • Bellwoods Jelly King

    5,96 €

    "An everyday, juicy, drinkable sour with punchy hop aromatics and fruity foundational flavours. Low bitterness, light body, and pale yellow in colour, with notes of fuzzy peach, tangerine, and cedar."

  • Laugar Wild Nation Sandamendi

    5,98 €

    "14 months mixed fermentation wild ale with saccharomyces cervisiae yeast, two brettanomyces strains and lactobacillus."

  • La Source Double Pigeon
    • Nouveau

    La Source Double Pigeon

    3,96 €

    "Pigeon a muté et débarque sur Bruxelles en version bicéphale! Au programme: double dose de malt, double dose de houblon, double dose d'alcool! Attention plus rare que Mewtwo."

  • The Garden Uvala
    • Nouveau

    The Garden Uvala

    3,28 €

    "Crisp, refreshing and distinct. Tart, mineral and dry with notes of Pineapple & Citrus"