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Vin Rouge


  • Siemàn Lesa Maestà

    17,31 €

    "Is it forbidden to modify his majesty Pinot Nero? Of course, yes, here in Berici Hills! Tai Rosso and Pinot Nero meet in October and sleep together in harmony. What a great marriage! Spontaneous fermentation in 1000L oak barrels, without sulphur addition. Maceration on the skins for 10 days, with delicate fulling."

  • Siemàn Doppio Gioco

    14,75 €

    "Two autochthonous grape varieties, Tai Rosso and Turchetta. A double game made by the semi-carbonic maceration and the traditional red winemaking. Spontaneous fermentation in stainless steel, without sulphur addition, half with stalks. Maceration on the skins for 10 days. Aged in 500 and 700 liters oak barrels."

  • Drap Feel Good 2022
    • Nouveau

    Drap Feel Good 2022

    25,62 €

    30% Dornfelder (Germany) & 30% Riesling (Germany). unfiltered, containing only natural sulfites. Limited to 420 bottles.