Berliner Weisse


  • Alvinne / Laugar Berliner...

    2,31 €
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  • Alvinne / Laugar Berliner...

    1,79 €
  • Siren Calypso

    1,60 €

    "Calypso roars with sharp, spritzy and mouth-puckering sensation, accented by tropical and citrussy hop aroma. It's clean, refreshing and always keeps you going back for more. Our sour showcase rotates the dry-hopping, so each brew offers something different and unique."

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  • Oersoep Schnappi

    2,67 €
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  • Buxton Far Skyline

    2,39 €
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  • De Moersleutel Acid Dreams...

    4,12 €

    Raspberry - Blackcurrant Berliver Weisse

  • L'Ermitage BIZNA$$

    2,64 €

    Pomegranate Sour.

  • Cyclic Beer Farm Jamaica

    7,02 €

    "Inspired by Agua de jamaica a typical sweet and acidic Mexican beverage. 100% organic belgian pilsner malt no-boil Berliner style brew with 2,75 kg hibiscus added to the kettle at 93º for 30 minutes before knockout. Co-fermented with L. plantarum and our house yeast culture. We used orange zest/juice from our family farm and dry hopped with a small amount of palisade hops. Just before packaging a final addition of hibiscus was added for an extra layer of flavour."

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  • L'Ermitage Houly Mountain
    • Nouveau

    L'Ermitage Houly Mountain

    2,45 €

    Simcoe dry-hopped sour.