• De Ranke Back to Black

    9,90 €
  • La Source Taupe

    2,42 €
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    Porter with Chocolate notes brewed with wheat and black wheat.

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  • Lervig Christmas Cream

    3,26 €

    "Our Nitro Porter is the perfect festive drink. Brewed to be a light Porter, the added lactose gives the body needed to complement deep chocolate flavour and cinnamon undertones, though it has enough bitterness to balance everything out. We then packaged it into Nitro cans, so you’ll get a beautiful, thick cascading foam with all the richness you want and need for a holiday beer, but at 4.7% it will leave enough room in your belly for Christmas dinner."

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  • DOK Damn Porter

    3,03 €

    Rye Porter

  • Buxton Gatekeeper

    2,93 €

    "A deep, dark porter to evoke a sense of mystery. Challenge the Gatekeeper."

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  • Atrium Staffstuff

    3,60 €

    Amaretto Porter. "This treat was designed and brewed by Daphné & Julien, our production crew !" 28 IBU; 60 EBC

  • Siren Antidawn

    4,24 €

    "A porter inspired by recipes of old, where speciality dark barley malts and midnight wheat take the senses in one direction, before beautiful hops pull you in another. Expect a voyage of chocolate, coffee and subtle sweetness, balanced and complemented by pine, citrus and resinous hop character."

  • Verzet Ants Pants

    2,09 €

    "Three fruitless meetings, hours in front of your computer, your eyes are blood red, your head is full and your bucket of peer annoyances are full. Physical work saves you! Turning off your brain and getting your hands dirty, that's what you need. This porter is an ode to that physical toil. Not coincidentally, a beer style that originated to refresh the dockers. Let us celebrate the mindfulness of demolishing walls, rooting in the earth and moving things. Afterwards, with a view of what has been accomplished, we can fully enjoy this well-deserved thirst quencher. Long live labour! This new bootleg is a London Porter of 4.8% alc. This beer is a smooth drinker and is full of roasted notes and caramel malts with a nice bitter aftertaste"

  • Pihtla Siseköne

    2,65 €

    "Light, silky and smooth porter that has matured on vanilla beans and Vana Tallinn infused oak chips"

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