Liste des produits par marque Copenhagen Commons

  • Copenhagen Commons Common...

    3,78 €

    "Common House Copper is a pale ale brewed in the English style that incorporates the spirit of community and craftsmanship. This copper-hued ale offers a harmonious blend of biscuity and caramel malt sweetness and earthy hop flavor and aroma, creating a balanced and flavorful drinking experience. Crafted with care in the heart of Copenhagen, it's the perfect companion for sharing tales and forging memories in the common house of life's adventures."

  • Copenhagen Commons CopenPils

    3,95 €

    "CopenPils is a crisp and refreshing German-style Pils that embodies time-honored brewing traditions. Along with its pale golden hue and a clean, malt-forward profile, this beer delivers a balanced combination of herbal hop bitterness and a subtle hint of citrus. CopenPils is a tribute to the classic Pils style, perfect for those who appreciate a well-crafted, clean, and perfectly simple yet satisfying beer."

  • Copenhagen Commons The...

    3,98 €

    "The Goodle Days is a refreshing West Coast pale ale that captures the essence of laid-back coastal living. With a balanced blend of Amarillo, Centennial and Chinook hops, it delivers a burst of citrus and pine flavors, reminiscent of sunny days spent by the ocean. Its crisp malt backbone provides a smooth, clean finish, inviting you to savor every sip. Pour yourself a glass of "The Goodle Days" and let its bright aroma and flavorful profile transport you to memories of carefree moments under the California sun."

  • Copenhagen Commons Twenty...

    3,28 €

    "Twenty Hounds is our Danish Golden Strong Ale with a hoppy twist from a hearty measure of French Strisselspalt, Polish Sybilla and Slovenian Celeia hops. Traditional Belgian ale yeast contributes a strong fruity aroma, tropical flavors and a subtle peppery spice. This is balanced with a robust malty backbone and an elevated alcohol content for a smooth finish and a guaranteed good time."

  • Copenhagen Commons Wild...

    3,28 €

    "North meets south in this Danish Ale lavishly hopped with Motueka, Pacifica and Wai-iti from New Zealand. The bready malt character balances out the bitterness from a heavy hop bill, letting the tropical fruit flavors and floral aromas of these southern hemisphere hops shine."