Liste des produits par marque Galway Bay Brewery

  • Galway Bay Bay Ale

    1,81 €

    "Hoppy, yet malt-forward, this ale strikes a great balance. Using Magnum and Willamette hops alongside a strong malt backbone this beer is both for savouring and thirst-quenching, depending on your mood!"

  • Galway Bay Big Feelings

    4,11 €

    "Big Feelings Citra is a West Coast DIPA. Brewed on a base of Maris Otter and hopped extensively in the boil, whirlpool and dry hops with citra. Is there a more iconic beer duo? So simple, so unbelievably amazing! Drink Fresh!."

  • Galway Bay Buried at Sea

    1,81 €

    "The Buried at Sea is the current rotational. Brewed with Milk Sugars and Chocolate, this smooth - complex yet surprisingly light brew is great for people looking for something different in a stout!"

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  • Galway Bay Counting Off The...

    7,20 €

    "Layered with UK and German chocolate malts on a Maris Otter base, this massive beer oozes chocolate, bitter cocoa, espresso and liquorice yet still manages to keep everything tight and incredibly balanced. This balancing act is part brewers' art and part due to it lagering in a steel tank for an entire year! There is a purity to this beer that we usually don't get to experience here with our imperial stouts, as we always barrel age them. (The battle between oak and beer can make blending a challenge at times). We have sent a portion of this brew to bourbon casks of course, but the non barrel aged version is so good it would have been a sin not to share it with you all."

  • Galway Bay Full Sail

    1,81 €

    "The simple malt bill gives an ABV of 5.8% which carries the flavour and really allows the hops to shine through. The hops used are of American origin, Colombus, El Dorado and Cascade (45 IBU). With multiple generous additions in the kettle and further dry hopped before it reaches you as fresh as it can be."

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  • Galway Bay Little Feelings

    3,42 €

    "Little Feelings Strata Mosaic is a dank and fruity pale ale. Brewed on a base of Maris Otter amd layered with wheat oats for a fluffy, delicate feel. This hop combo bursts with tangerine, guava and pine with a gentle pleasing bitterness to finish."

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  • Galway Bay Märzen To The Fire

    3,16 €

    "A copper coloured lager brewed with 50% Beechwood smoked malt, Pilsner, Munich and Caramunich malts, alongside hops grown in the Hallertau region of Bavaria."

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  • Galway Bay My Bamberg Hell

    3,23 €

    "This slightly smokey helles lager is brewed with 100% German pilsner malt, decoction mashed, fermented long and cool with a cone of yeast from our fermenting smoked Märzen beer. This gives this lager a subtle smokey note which complimenits the pils malt base and the delicate mittlefrüh hops beautifully. Prost!"

  • Galway Bay Two Fathoms...

    65,91 €

    Wooden Boxset containing 3 BA Imperial Stout bottles of 50cl and one glass. 1: Two Hundred Fathoms 2018 Double Barrel Aged Reserve (2 year BA Imperial stout w/ calendar coffee: teamwork espresso 12%); 2: Two Hundred Fathoms 2018 Double Barrel Aged Reserve (2 year BA Imperial Stout w/ Madagascan Vanilla beans and toasted coconut 12%); 3: Two Hundred Fathoms 2020 Teeling Whiskey BA Imperial Stout (10%)

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  • Galway Bay Weights + Measures

    1,81 €

    "All Citra session IPA. Brewed with Maris Otter, Oats, Vienna - Carapils. Hopped heavily throughout the boil, whirlpool and dry hop for some massive orange, lemon and grapefruit notes.All Citra session IPA."

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