Liste des produits par marque Nevel Artisan Ales

  • Nevel / Frontaal Waan

    7,65 €
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  • Nevel / Kromme Haring In...

    10,47 €
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  • Nevel / Oersoep Weelde

    17,96 €
  • Nevel / White Stork Borderless

    12,11 €
  • Nevel Aard

    13,10 €

    This herbal blend of wild saisons, a golden sour and homemade kvass (fermented Slavic bread drink) is both earthy and mysterious, with deep notes of red beets, red fruit and dark sourdough bread. We spiced the kvass with absinthe wormwood from De Ommuurde Tuin in Heteren, which echoes in the slightly bitter undertone of this beer. Aard is dry, refreshing, full-bodied, mildly sour with a little funk and very drinkable for a beer that is composed of so many different flavours! Bottled in December 2017 with a BB December 2019.

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  • Nevel Bries

    8,47 €
  • Nevel Gulzig

    6,47 €
  • Nevel Loof

    6,85 €
  • Nevel Meander

    8,47 €
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  • Nevel Minne

    6,32 €
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  • Nevel Noest

    6,36 €
  • Nevel Purper

    7,75 €
  • Nevel Weder

    10,61 €

    hazy wild ale that was brewed with locally foraged yarrow, mugwort and myrica gale instead of hops. Mugwort serves as the main bittering ingredient, while yarrow and sweet gale infuse the brew with warm herbal aromas that are reminiscent of eucalyptus and honeyflower. Weder is fermented with kveik, a traditional Norwegian farmhouse yeast that creates a full body and fruity notes of pineapple and citrus. Complex, tart flavours combined with medicinal, herbal notes make for a wonderfully surprising and challenging beer! Bottled in November 2017 with a BB November 2019.

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  • Nevel Weide

    9,90 €

    dryhopped grisette, fermented with our wild house culture of grapes. It was dryhopped with local, natural Spalter Select, which gives subtle aromas of grapefruit, lime, honeyflower, watermelon and white pepper. Weide is a refreshing, dry, mildly complex and bitter table beer with a relatively low ABV, making this a very approachable and enjoyable apéritif year-round. Bottled in October 2017 with a BB October 2018