Dry Stout


  • De Dolle Extra Export Stout

    3,28 €
  • Atrium Breu

    2,74 €

    Dry Stout. 40 IBU; 75 EBC

  • Lervig Nitro Stout

    2,72 €

    "Lervig’s nitro stout is a dry Irish stout brewed with a good roasty hoppy balance. It’s use of nitrogen and the gas trapping capsule aka “widget” releases nitrogen when opening the can to create a smooth mouthfeel combined with a dry but full taste. Easy to drink yet packed full of flavor, Lervig Nitro stout will satisfy your dark urges."

  • Galway Bay Ostara

    2,06 €
    : 2

    "This March we dove into our recipe notebooks looking for ideas to inspire the ultimate session-able stout recipe. Here is Ostara Stout our take on the concept of 'Dublin Stout'. Brewed to be complex but quaffable. We took some of our imperial stout tricks and adapted them to a lower ABV base recipe. The result has layered malts with some lovely soft chocolate notes finished with a nice hop zing to help clean the palate. Sláinte."

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