Pils, Lager, Helles


  • L'Ermitage 81 Express

    2,39 €

    German style Pils lagered for 6 weeks and dry hopepd with Saaz

  • De la Senne Zenne Pils

    2,10 €
  • The Ministry of Belgian...

    2,95 €

    Lager brewed with fresh hops. This years version was brewed at DOK.

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  • La Source Campagnol

    3,02 €
    : 4

    Italian-style Pilsner hopped with Spalter Select & Hallertau Blanc.

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  • De Ranke Simplex - Lager...

    5,60 €
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  • Galway Bay Slow Lives

    2,27 €

    "Brewed with German Pilsner malt, Saaz hops, Galway water and our favourite lager yeast. Beautifully clean and crisp with classic bready malt. A long lagering gives this beer a smooth and crisp finish"

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  • Lervig Peach Pilsner

    2,82 €

    "Peach Pilsner, a beer that combines the crispness of a pilsner with a subtle hint of juicy peach flavor. With its light and flavorful profile, Peach Pilsner is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a balanced and easy-drinking beer."

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  • La Source Hirondelle...

    3,28 €

    "Our signature ''Sour Pils'' but brewed in the way of a Mexican Lager, with your lime slice inculded in the beer! :)"

  • Siren Pastel Pils

    1,99 €

    Gluten Free. "Our Italian pilsner is all about clean, harmonious flavours and outstanding drinkability. Classic base malts give just enough sweetness to balance against the hops, which are more prominent here than in other lager styles. Delicate floral and herbal aromas give way to light gooseberry notes and crisp, refreshing bitterness. Hops - Apollo, Saphir, Mittelfruh, Tettenang."

  • Siren Santo

    3,60 €

    "Santo is a distinctly Siren lager. Our take on the style is full of American hops, working in harmony to offer subtle tropical fruit notes and bright citrus flavours. It pours with a delicate haze and a striking aroma. Saintly fresh, but devilishly drinkable."

  • Bereta Social Drink

    2,88 €
  • Atrium / Sibeeria Pilsful...

    3,07 €

    "Pils brewed between friends with belgian malts, czech yeast and dry hopped with german hops. Collab with Sibeeria Brewing, Praha."

  • Siren Sunlight Shapes

    3,55 €

    "This special lager is a scaled-up Munich-Style Helles, with pleasing sweetness coming from the traditional grains. Bavarian hops add floral and citrus notes, playing against subtle vanilla and delicate tannins of the oak before a beautifully clean, graceful finish."

  • Siren Times Eleven

    3,69 €

    "Following in the footsteps of our brewers’ favourite Times Ten. Times Eleven is a Helles-style lager brewed 121 days before our anniversary, allowing generous time in tank for pristine conditioning. Floral and tangerine aromas come from the German hops, perfectly balancing with the traditional breads malt character. "

  • Siren 11th Anniversary Pack...

    24,29 €
    : 3

    Pack Containing all four Siren Anniversary beers (Black Mirror, Maiden 2023, Oats On Oats..., Times Eleven) and includes a free limited edition 11th Anniversary Siren glass.

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  • L'Ermitage / La Mule Pils...

    3,15 €

    "En mars 2023, Joël a brassé et ensemencé 20hl de mout de pils classique à la brasserie de la Mule. Nous l'avons transféré dans un foudre équipé d'un système de refroidissement afin d'assurer une véritable fermentation basse. En septembre 2023, nous avons participé à la récolte des Houblons de Bruxelles, et houblonné à froid notre pils avec des houblons 100% ruxellois. Début 2024, après 10 mois de fermentation et de maturation en foudre, nous l'avons mis en bouteilles et en futs. Après 2 mois de refermentation naturelle, cette bière est désormais enfin disponible à la dégustation. Le goût est marqué par les esters de levure de lager, les arômes végétaux du houblon frais, et bien entendu les notes sauvages du foudre."

  • Copenhagen Commons CopenPils

    3,95 €

    "CopenPils is a crisp and refreshing German-style Pils that embodies time-honored brewing traditions. Along with its pale golden hue and a clean, malt-forward profile, this beer delivers a balanced combination of herbal hop bitterness and a subtle hint of citrus. CopenPils is a tribute to the classic Pils style, perfect for those who appreciate a well-crafted, clean, and perfectly simple yet satisfying beer."