Pils, Lager, Helles


  • De la Senne Zenne Pils

    2,10 €
  • The Ministry of Belgian...

    2,95 €

    Lager brewed with fresh hops. This years version was brewed at DOK.

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  • La Source Campagnol

    3,02 €

    Italian-style Pilsner hopped with Spalter Select & Hallertau Blanc.

  • De Ranke Simplex - Lager...

    5,60 €
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  • La Mule Helles

    2,50 €
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  • Siren Starry Messenger

    2,65 €

    "The results of a 15 month project, our Starry Messenger has been lagered in French Oak barrels that were previously used for maturing Chardonnay. It’s a unique beer with beautiful floral, grape and apricot aromas. Flavour builds with honey malt character, subtle sweetness and a tang of sweet fruits before a dry, crisp break of bitterness." BB is May 2023

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  • Galway Bay Slow Lives

    2,27 €
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    "Brewed with German Pilsner malt, Saaz hops, Galway water and our favourite lager yeast. Beautifully clean and crisp with classic bready malt. A long lagering gives this beer a smooth and crisp finish"

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  • Lervig Peach Pilsner

    2,82 €

    "Peach Pilsner, a beer that combines the crispness of a pilsner with a subtle hint of juicy peach flavor. With its light and flavorful profile, Peach Pilsner is the perfect choice for anyone seeking a balanced and easy-drinking beer."

  • La Source Hirondelle...

    3,28 €

    "Our signature ''Sour Pils'' but brewed in the way of a Mexican Lager, with your lime slice inculded in the beer! :)"

  • Siren Santo

    3,60 €

    "Santo is a distinctly Siren lager. Our take on the style is full of American hops, working in harmony to offer subtle tropical fruit notes and bright citrus flavours. It pours with a delicate haze and a striking aroma. Saintly fresh, but devilishly drinkable."

  • Bereta Social Drink

    2,88 €
  • Métaphore Those Who Dance

    4,92 €

    "Dream every day lager beer brewed with spelt and touch of magic, lagered to perfection for 3 months. 100% local, organic and delicious. Clinically executed lager beer, but deliberately made not to taste too modern. Drink fresh, do not hoard this one. ( Jiri's comment!)" BB date on can is 28/10/2023

  • Atrium / Sibeeria Pilsful...

    3,07 €

    "Pils brewed between friends with belgian malts, czech yeast and dry hopped with german hops. Collab with Sibeeria Brewing, Praha."