Liste des produits par marque Perennial Artisan Ales

  • Perennial / CLAG Barrel...

    53,35 €

    "Our latest barrel aged offering, Vietnamese Coffee Abraxas is in collaboration with our friends at CLAG Brewing Company in Sandusky, Ohio. We selected choice Heaven Hill and Wild Turkey barrels to give the standard Abraxas treatment plus the addition of a Vietnamese coffee selected by our CLAG friends. We regularly release BA Abraxas and Coffee Abraxas, but this will be the first time releasing a barrel aged Coffee Abraxas- enjoy the marriage. *Contains Lactose"

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  • Perennial / De La Senne...

    6,42 €

    "Saison des Rêves is the 2nd installment of our 10th Anniversary Collaboration series. Conceived over a series of emails with our new friend and idol Yvan de Baets we landed upon a spelt heavy saison recipe that speaks true to both of our outlooks on Saison. Snappy bitterness is coupled with a massive wave of melon and freshly cut wet grass from a dry hop of Huell Melon. Finally we naturally carbonated Saison des Rêves in cans and kegs for ultimate crushability. Drinking this beer reminds us of the freshly cut grass after a light rain of cantaloupe chunks, the first roll of a soccer ball over the morning dew on a chilly spring Midwest morning, and the version of He’s Gone from the 10/15/76 show in LA."

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  • Perennial Abraxas 2020

    26,07 €

    Bottled in 2020. Imp. Stout brewed with ancho chili peppers, cacao nibs, cinnamon and vanilla.

  • Perennial Then you roast...

    11,78 €

    "Then you Roast the Mallow is an imperial stout brewed with graham crackers in the mash and lactose, brown sugar and marshmallow fluff in the kettle and boiled for multiple hours. Post fermentation we steeped the finished beer on graham crackers, marshmallow and cocoa nibs which lend to the overall sweetness, but impart flavors of baker's chocolate and roasted liquid marshmallow. Drinking this beer reminds us of backyard baseball games, summertime pool visits, and Benny the Jet Rodriguez. " best before 04/09/2022

  • Perennial Weird Era 2022

    28,40 €

    "Weird Era is our blend of Lambic inspired oak fermented ales ranging in age from 1-3 years old, or Methode Traditionnelle. Mashed with pilsner malt & unmalted wheat, it was boiled for three hours with aged whole cone hops before being cooled overnight in our coolship, & transferred into French & American oak barrels the following morning. A poignant gaze into time & place, this beer showcases four specific nights in South City St Louis. This blend is comprised of twenty-five percent three year old spontaneously fermented beer brewed on January 17th, 2019, twenty-five percent two year old spontaneously fermented beer brewed on April 20th, 2020, and fifty percent one year spontaneously fermented beer brewed on January 19th, 2022 - then packaged into green glass bottles on August 2nd, 2022 where it has been conditioning since. "