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  • Stu Mostów / 3 Sons...

    7,69 €
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    "A rich, sweet and decadent Imperial Stout inspired in one of the classic southern desserts. Brewed with milk sugar, cocoa nibs, pecan nuts and tonka beans"

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  • Stu Mostów / Bereta ART+60...

    4,36 €

    "A beer created in collaboration with Birbant Brewery. The previous results of our collaboration were quite successful (7 Bridges Pacific Triple IPA) so we decided to transfer the idea of the recipe to the new brewery. As a result, the brewers used a brilliant selection of hops that provides a great balance between green fruits like gooseberries, grapes and limes and stone fruits and tropical fruits. Fermentation was carried out with the aromatic Hydra yeast strain, which brings lots of mango flavors. Expect a heavy dose of hops, as much as 30g/l."

  • Stu Mostów / Funky Fluid...

    5,17 €

    "We are proudly introducing our next collab with one of a kind polish brewery Funky Fluid! To the extractive, Imperial Stout base we added extremely aromatic caramelized almonds, cocoa nibs, and infused it with the nitrogen to obtained the smooth - velvety texture!"

  • Stu Mostów / Little Earth...

    5,76 €

    "Biere de Table is one of the first non-fruit releases in the #Wild series. Brewed in collaboration with the Little Earth Project in November 2019. Our partner is a brewery located in Suffolk, famous for its historic and wild beers that are fermented with local wild yeast and bacteria. We couldn't miss this opportunity and decided that this beer would be co-fermented with our own wild yeast blend and Little Earth home strain, harvested from apple skins from their own farm in Sudbury, UK. We chose only the best barrels from this small vat, and then mixed them with 10 percent aged Saison fermented with brewing and wild strains. "

  • Stu Mostów / Maltgarden...

    3,61 €

    "ART+57 is the result of cooperation with Maltgarden brewery from Kolobrzeg. You have not drunk such a summer lemonade with grapefruit, tangerine, orange, yuzu and calamansi yet!"

  • Stu Mostów / Track ART54...

    3,21 €

    "Together with friends from the Track brewery in Manchester, we brewed something special. Fresh and solidly hoppy session Pale Ale. The combination of Citra and Strata gave very refreshing results. It will be very fruity with very noticeable notes of strawberry, passion fruit and grapefruit."

  • Stu Mostów / Whiplash Old...

    6,87 €

    "An old school Imperial Stout brewed with 6 different special malts and hopped with classic American hops. Big, bold and roasty with a lot of malty, chocolate notes. "

  • Stu Mostów Aut Bibat, Aut...

    4,02 €

    "Double IPA hopped at the end of fermentation with Mosaic BBC, El Dorado, Azacca, HBC 630 Cryo varieties. This made us get a considerable biotransformation effect of hop oils. Fermentation was carried out with Hydra yeast, which gave the beer a brilliant fruity aroma and a lot of fullness. The result was a tropical aroma bomb."

  • Stu Mostów Boogie Nights

    3,63 €

    "Boogie nights is a beer brewed on fresh pine shoots. They are harvested from different parts of Poland at the right time (about 2-3 weeks a year). Brewed using the varieties: Idaho 7, Comet and Simcoe."

  • Stu Mostów Cherry Me

    5,53 €

    "We used a new technology at the Browar Stu Mostów, which involves preparing the mash in two stages. First, we made a brew from which we obtained a fairly thick wort. Then we poured another batch of malt into the resulting wort, which resulted in a very high concentration of both sugars and flavor in the resulting wort. This is definitely a more difficult technique than the one we have used so far, but the results will surprise you! This time we limit the cooking time which affects less caramelization of the sugar and the discovery of the underlying maltiness. The sizable addition of lactose emphasizes the dessertiness of this beer, and the addition of cherries and vanilla crown the whole dessert."

  • Stu Mostów CO2 Moon

    3,83 €

    "An amazingly juicy, hazy IPA with intensely fruity Idaho 7 imparting aromas of tangerine, sweet fruits and an interesting floral and herbal Loral, which ranks as a so-called "super noble hop." The brewers used the brilliant Lallemand Verdant IPA yeast bringing beautiful peach and mango aromas."

  • Stu Mostow Glass

    4,13 €
  • Stu Mostów King Nothing

    4,02 €

    "Briefly: King Nothing. Longer: Double Chocolate Triple Fruited Imperial Pastry Sour. Specifically: a sweet and sour dessert of blackberries called forest berries, apricots, bananas and aromatic cocoa beans. Beer brewed especially for the Beer Geek Madness 2022 Space Race Edition festival. Dense and full. Perfect for space travel."

  • Stu Mostów Knight Moves

    4,57 €

    "Delicious, dessert Stout with a seductive aroma of churro cookies and sponge cake. Dense, strong with a solid malt foundation. With clear notes of chocolate, toffee and nuts. Smooth and balanced to the finish"

  • Stu Mostów Mis-Thunder-Stood

    4,57 €

    "An intense, strong and very dessert Stout with a lot of sweetness and the aroma of wholemeal cookies and brownie. Dark and very creamy. In short: it will be thick, sweet and expressive!"

  • Stu Mostów Neunundneunzig

    3,86 €

    "A double version of a heavily hopped IPA from the west coast. Clear, bitter and heavily hopped as befits a west coast. The hopping method we used was Triple Dry Hopped. Such a procedure allowed us to fully exploit the possibilities of the hops used. And the hops used are full new wave classics - American Citra and Centennial and Australian Galaxy. This means that it will be very fruity and tropical."

  • Stu Mostów Schooner Or Later

    4,91 €

    "Our last season’s hit, which we decided to intensify this year and multiply by two. In this beer we used a very aromatic addition: roasted coconut and toasted Palo Santo wood – a delicious and incredibly seductive coconut."

  • Stu Mostów The Headless...

    3,99 €

    "We continue our series of crazy dessert sours! Souring the beer in the kettle gave the beer the right sourness, while a fair amount of residual sugar was provided by the addition of maltodextrin and lactose, which are unfermented sugars. Another nod to dessertiness is the Hydra yeast, it is also the one that leaves a lot of saccharides. Complexity is lent by a proprietary blend of spices that includes cinnamon, cardamom, allspice, cloves and vanilla. The whole thing resembles a tart!"

  • Stu Mostów Ur the Wurst

    3,58 €

    Pale Ale with lots of oat malt, lactose and oatmeal. We used a special Hydra yeast strain here, which adds mango esters and leaves a great deal of fullness along with sweetness. We brewed it using New Zealand Riwaka and Motueka hops and Australian Eclipse

  • Stu Mostów White Rabbit

    3,86 €

    "Double IPA, solidly hopped with varieties - Bru-1, Motueka and Belma. This gives a very interesting set of aromas. Here we have pineapple, stonefruit, pear, delicate spice notes underpinned by aromas of fresh limes, tropical fruits and berries. A pleasantly smooth mouthfeel and a solid hit of hoppiness are the greatest strengths of this beer. Dry Hop rate at 25g/l."

  • Stu Mostów WILD 10 Mixed...

    7,69 €

    Saison with Elderflower, Lemon Verbena and Acacia Honey. "10th beer from our rustic Wild series. We started the brewing process by creating a multi-grain base consisting of barley, wheat, rye and oats. We then hopped it with small amounts of our favorite German hops and fermented it with Belgian yeast strains in steel vats. After the first phase of fermentation, it went to oak barrels, in which our Wild number 8 - Bière de Table, was previously and we inoculated with a mixture of our home-made Brettanomyces yeast and LAB bacteria. When the secondary fermentation was completed, we conditioned the beer with the addition of local, hand-picked elderberry flowers and lemon verbena. After bottling, it is conditioned with the addition of 100% local acacia honey. "

  • Stu Mostów WILD 12 - Bière...

    8,50 €
    : 4

    "In the bottles of the latest beer from the WILD series we have sealed a blend of our barrel aged Saison and super aromatic “Inka” peaches and “Lutówka” cherries. The beer owes to them not only a wonderful aroma but also a beautiful “rose” color with a small but long-lasting white head. Ends with a truly wild & funky aftertaste. This is the beer we dream to drink in these fresh early spring days. Voilá!"

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  • Stu Mostów WILD 14 - Bière...

    8,50 €

    "The “Bière de soif” series are hybrids that form bridges between the world of wine, cider andbeer. The final product is a blend of our barrel aged Saisonbase and huge amount of whole local Lutówka Cherries from the Gospodarstwo Rolne Ireneusz Rudnicki farmand Madagascar Vanilla beans. This cherries are also known as Schattenmorelleor Chatel Morel. "

  • Stu Mostów WILD 15 - Bière...

    6,85 €

    "“Fifteen” is characterized by a distinct aroma of plums from local orchards near Wroclaw. Its solid base is the Saison-style base aged in barrels. During the brewing of Wild #15 we used barley malt, wheat malt and oatmeal. In addition, we conditioned it in the bottle for six months to give it its unique character."

  • Stu Mostów WILD 16 - Bière...

    8,50 €

    "Another instalment of the connoisseurs’ acclaimed line of beers inspired by light wines and ciders. Its base is a unique Saison style blend, barrel aged and then refermented with local raspberries, blackberries, plums – and Rondo grapes (during the brewing process we also used barley and wheat malts and oatmeal). Already bottled, Wild#16 was bottle conditioned for up to ten months."

  • Stu Mostów WILD -11 - Bière...

    8,50 €
    : 3

    "Release number 11 from our small and lovely barrel room. A Mixed Fermentation Bière de Garde, co fermented with an expressive Franco-Belgian yeast strain and our house Brettanomyces blend. The malt bill in this beer is more complex than our average standard in wild beers. Showcasing a blend of Pilsner, rye, wheat and 4 special caramel malts. Hopped with our very best German Tettnanger and Hersbrucker hops. Fermented first in steel tanks and then rested for a year in second use Bourbon barrel that previously contained one of our lovely Baltic porters. Bottled in early fall 2020 and bottle conditioned since then to get a fine, and elegant medium carbonation."

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  • Stu Mostów WILD -13 - Bière...

    8,50 €

    "We gathered grapes for this mixture in person from a small local vineyard located just 20 km away from the Brewery. On the same day, we merged them with the beer base and left them fermenting for more than 12 days. The beer is very similar to our favorite French wines of the "glou glou" Pet-NAT type. It is filled with aromas of cherries and red fruits, balanced with delicate nuances. It is a lively cherry-colored rose, long-lasting beer. Non-pasteurized and changing over time – ideal for bottle fermentation!"

  • Stu Mostow Wild Glass

    4,13 €
  • Stu Mostów Wishing Well

    3,63 €

    "Whishing Well is a turbid IPA in which wheat in the form of wheat malt and wheat flakes was used in an amount of almost 50% of the total filling! Intensively hopped with an Australian – American – New Zealand schnitzel that gives a large amount of refreshing tropical and citrus aromas."

  • Stu Mostów WRCLW Baltic...

    4,59 €

    "The annual tradition of launching the Baltic Porter in January has been fulfilled. This year's Baltic Porter Festival will be celebrated with one of the three versions of this style performed by us. We divided the excellent base, which was aged in low temperatures for almost half a year, into three parts. We have added something special to each of them. We like freshly roasted coffee, so we decided to incorporate it into one of the versions. Vanilla and roasted nuts are perfect for a dark malt base, freshly roasted Brazilian coffee. We used just the right amount of Madagascar vanilla and roasted hazelnuts."

  • Stu Mostów WRCLW Baltic...

    4,59 €

    "The annual tradition of launching the Baltic Porter in January has been fulfilled. This year's Baltic Porter Festival will be celebrated with one of the three versions of this style performed by us. We divided the excellent base, which was aged at low temperatures for almost half a year, into three parts. We have added something special to each of them. What strongly distinguishes the Baltic porter from the imperial stout is the balance shifted towards caramel malts. A natural combination is the addition of roasted caramel (caramelized sugar) with caramel beer. Often, such compositions end up suppressing one of the ingredients, but this time we managed to find a golden balance. The sweet camel palette, both from malts and from the addition of roasted caramel, complements each ot...

  • Stu Mostów WRCLW Imperial...

    5,17 €

    "In our new WRCLW beer, we decided to recreate the taste and smell of a breakfast classic with a French origin, namely French Toast! To achieve this effect, we enriched the extractive and strong base of Imperial Stout with lactose, maple syrup, cinnamon and vanilla, which emphasized the character of the pastry. Finally, we saturated it with nitrogen to enhance the dessert feeling and top the beer with a fine bubble foam. So it will be thick, creamy and outstandingly dessert."