Imperial Porter


  • Evil Twin Imperial Doughnut...

    13,82 €
    Rupture de stock
  • Verzet Baby Jesus

    2,59 €

    Imperial Porter with Coffee

  • La Calavera Valvuline

    4,41 €

    Imperial Porter aged in Whisky and Cognac barrels

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  • Verzet Barrel Aged Baby Jesus

    15,66 €

    Gouden Carolus Single Malt Whiskey BA Imperial Porter with Coffee

  • The Garden Imperial Flat...

    3,65 €

    "Our Flat White Coffee Porter with more of everything! Deeply complex malts, married to chocolate, vanilla and coffee from our favorite roasters Cogito Coffee."

  • Buxton Capablanca

    9,66 €

    "Somewhat dry with spice and warmth from the Scotch, with Vanilla and oak notes running alongside from the barrel char."

  • Buxton Steinitz

    10,70 €

    BA Imperial Porter. "Imperial Porter matured on cacao nibs and chilli. Subtly warming heat from the chilli is balanced with the soft chocolate notes from the cacao".

  • The Garden Imperial Vanilla - Chocolate Porter
    • Nouveau

    The Garden Imperial Vanilla...

    3,65 €

    "Our Chocolate - Vanilla Porter with more of all the good stuff. Deep chocolate and dark malt aromas blend with Madagascan Vanilla with a huge silken body"

  • Jackie O's Bourbon Barrel Black Maple
    • Nouveau

    Jackie O's Bourbon Barrel...

    17,81 €

    Imperial Porter brewed with maple syrup and aged in bourbon barrels