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  • Fair Isle Adelaide

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    "A Farmhouse Adambier. Adelaide is our take on an adambier, an old world style ale. Aged in oak for one year, Adelaide is dry with notes of chocolate, stone fruits and a hint of smoke. Born out of a recipe from our homebrewing days, Adelaide is our take on recreating the oft overlooked Adambier style. Hailing from the era of pre-industrialized malting processes, these strong ales exhibited a smoke-forward profile from the use of wood-fired kilns and were usually aged for an extended period in wood. We started with a robust grist of Munich, Vienna, and Chocolate malts alongside the star of the show: Beechwood Smoked Barley. This ingredient allowed us to emulate that smoky aspect, while supporting a more rounded and rich malt base. Adelaide spent over a year in oak puncheons bef...

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