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Brett IPA


  • Nevel Erve

    3,20 €

    "Wild bitter ale with local Cascade. Ingredients: that is Erve, our wild cross between a brett IPA and a saison.
    Erve is a rustic, dry and bitter beer, with a notable palate of locally grown Cascade hops that give warm notes of stone fruit and citrus. We use whole hop cones because we love their pure and intense flavours and bitterness. Our wild house culture creates a rural and fruity character that is underlined by locally grown heirloom grains."

  • La Source Héron

    8,11 €

    "Back then, when we were homebrewers, Héron was the first beer we attempted. It started as a west coast IPA and evolved over the years into a brett IPA. It means a lot to us to brew it as pros for the first time :)"

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  • La Malpolon La Roue du Temps

    11,91 €

    "Assemblage de différentes bières sauvages élevées en barriques, passées sur du marc de Syrah 2021:
    - 70% bière de seigle sur marc de cinsault 2020 / levures indigènes
    - 15% bière de blé sur jus de cinsault 2020 / levures indigènes
    - 15% bière acide de fermentation mixte."