Liste des produits par marque Dok Brewing Co BVBA F

  • DOK / Druug Druugdok 2023

    14,60 €

    "Together with Druug's cider makers, we joined forces to create a graf (cider-beer hybrid). A true balancing act to showcase the best of both drinks. We decided to make a blend of a hoppy rye saison from us with a wood-aged cider from them."

  • DOK Amy Farmhouse

    14,44 €

    Funky farmhouse ale aged in white wine barrels. Fermented with a blend of Brettanomyces and Fantome yeast.

  • DOK Blik Op Oneindig White...

    15,32 €

    Tripel Mash Barley Wine aged for one year in White Port barrels.

  • DOK Brett Sheeran

    21,60 €

    "Wild Ale with our house culture yeast (Méthode Ghantoise) and riesling grapes, aged on oak Barrels"

  • DOK Brettney Spears

    14,44 €

    Blend of Saison and one year old lambic from De Troch.

  • DOK Damn Lambic Porter...

    24,34 €

    "Damn Lambic Porter (our Porter blended with Lambic from De Troch) Barrel Aged on Makers Mark Bourbon Barrels "

  • DOK Damn Porter

    3,03 €

    Rye Porter best before is 26/04/2023

  • DOK Dokkie

    2,21 €

    Non-Alcoholic Sour IPA brewed w. Nelson Sauvin, Citra & Amarillo by De Proefbrouwerij for DOK Brewing Co

  • DOK Dubbel Inzet

    2,54 €

    "A dubbel uytzet. During the 19th century, uytzet, especially the uytzet from Gent, was one of the most popular beer types of Belgium. For double uytzet more malt and hops were needed, it was only brewed in winter time and it was stored longer."

  • DOK Dude, Where Are My...

    2,80 €

    Sour IPA with Galaxy and Simcoe

  • DOK Flush
    • Nouveau

    DOK Flush

    2,80 €

    "West Coast IPA with pale ale and chit malt. Bitter, dry, tight west coast IPA of 7%. Amarillo, Citra, Chinook and Columbus swing the baton to make this beer deliciously ‘dank’. Old school IPA with a firm resinous bitterness."

  • DOK Grape Me

    21,25 €

    Barrel Aged Farmhouse Ale w. Johanniter grape pomace

  • DOK Hard to Get Bourbon BA

    20,40 €

    Bourbon barrel aged royal stout

  • DOK Hof Van Cassisen

    23,93 €

    Blend of black currant wine and Méthode Gantoise sour ale aged in Pinnot Noir Bourgogne Barrels

  • DOK I Shot the Cherry

    11,46 €
    : 2

    Pastry Sour brewed with cherries and lactose.

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  • DOK I Shot the Cherry Pinot...

    20,42 €

    Pastry Sour brewed with cherries and lactose and then aged for 6 months in Burgundy Pinot Noir barrels. BB is 20/20/2023

  • DOK Ken Tukkie Gedaan

    3,28 €

    Heaven Hill Bourbon Barrel Aged Imperial Stout.

  • DOK Nelson De Zeehond
    • Nouveau

    DOK Nelson De Zeehond

    2,80 €

    "This 5.5% session IPA is bulging with green gold from Down Under. Nectaron, Nelson Sauvin and Riwaka swing the baton. Dark blonde with a bitter bite "

  • DOK Pink On The Inside

    2,80 €

    Watermelon Gose

  • DOK Rebel

    2,80 €

    Kölsch with Belgian Comet and Saaz

  • DOK Simcoe de Zeekat
    • Nouveau

    DOK Simcoe de Zeekat

    2,80 €

    "Classic American hops Colombus, Amarillo, Cascade, Mosaic and Simcoe dominate in this 6.8% beer. With its neutral yeast and 100% pilsner malt deposit, we wanted the hops to play the main role in this beer."

  • DOK Wit

    3,28 €

    "4.5% Belgian White with malted barley, wheat and oats. We also added yuzu and ginger."

  • The Ministry of Belgian...

    2,95 €

    Lager brewed with fresh hops. This years version was brewed at DOK.

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