Pale Ale


  • Lervig Easy

    2,75 €
  • Lervig House Party

    1,83 €
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  • L'Ermitage Lanterne

    2,82 €

    Hoppy Pale Ale with Mosaic and Cascade.

  • L'Ermitage Temple du Ciel

    2,95 €

    Pale ale infused with white and green tea + fruits (blueberries, yellow plums, blackcurrant). Dryhopped with Hallertau Blanc.

  • L'Ermitage Théorème de...

    2,99 €
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  • L'Ermitage Bruxelles Ma Belle

    2,80 €

    Juicy Pale Ale

  • The Garden Pale Ale

    2,14 €

    "Pours bright with a light amber colour with a firm, white head. Heavily Dry hopped with Citra, Mosaic & Columbus ; Tangerine and melon dominate the aroma with a pleasant sweetness in the background. Soft citrus fruit and caramel on the palate give way to a lasting, soft bitterness. Full bodied, refreshing and perfectly balanced."

  • Galway Bay Althea

    1,95 €
    : 4

    "Althea is a modern American Pale Ale. Unlike many pales, Althea is low on bitterness, yet massively hoppy on the aroma. Named after one of our head brewer’s favourite Grateful Dead songs; Althea is a beer that can be enjoyed by the pint or by the glass!"

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  • Surréaliste Pale Ale

    2,92 €

    "A juicy pale ale to free your mind. Showcasing Mosaic, Citra & Simcoe hops, our signature beer delivers bold tropical and citrus flavors."

  • Misery Hopduction

    5,74 €

    "Double Dry Hopped Pale Ale with Cryo Pop hops in collaboration with Yakima Chief. I want to believe !"

  • Verzet Spunky Speedo

    2,21 €

    "Three fruitless meetings, hours in front of your computer, your eyes are blood red, your head is full and your bucket of peer annoyances are full. Physical work saves you! Turning off your brain and getting your hands dirty, that's what you need. This porter is an ode to that physical toil. Not coincidentally, a beer style that originated to refresh the dockers. Let us celebrate the mindfulness of demolishing walls, rooting in the earth and moving things. Afterwards, with a view of what has been accomplished, we can fully enjoy this well-deserved thirst quencher. Long live labour! This new bootleg is a London Porter of 4.8% alc. This beer is a smooth drinker and is full of roasted notes and caramel malts with a nice bitter aftertaste"

  • Laugar EPA!

    2,45 €

    "Don’t follow the herd and enjoy this reinterpretation of an American pale ale. A refreshing profile with citric and floral notes in both flavor and aroma due to hop character. Dry and bitter finish with long aftertaste."

  • Laugar Horsepower

    4,27 €

    Hazy pale ale w/ Simcoe, Cascade and Sabro hops

  • The Garden Obala

    3,71 €
    : 3

    New England Pale Ale. "Smooth and tropical. Easy-drinking Pale packed with notes of Pineapple, Lime, Blueberry & Mandarin"

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  • La Source Dry Hop January...

    3,78 €

    "Two of our all time favorite hops (Citra and Strata) together in a super drinkable and super aromatic pale ale. Thirsteyyyyyyy!"

  • Buxton HDA No° 3 - Mystic

    3,24 €

    "HDA, or Hop Development Ale, is a series of single hop pale ales which explore new and unusual hop varieties. Mystic, a daughter of Jester, comes from the Charles Faram Hop Development program. It is known for providing blackcurrant, orange and passionfruit flavours."

  • Neon Raptor Smiling Loudly
    • Nouveau

    Neon Raptor Smiling Loudly

    4,79 €

    "Australian Hopped New England Pale Ale from Nottingham. Loads of Vic Secret, Enigma and Galaxy were used in this beer. Have you ever, ever drank beer like this?"

  • Neon Raptor Zozobra
    • Nouveau

    Neon Raptor Zozobra

    4,79 €

    "Australian Hopped New England Pale Ale from Nottingham. Loads of Vic Secret, Enigma and Galaxy were used in this beer. Have you ever, ever drank beer like this?"