Blond - Amber

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  • Alcohol: 4%
  • Nevel Weide

    € 9,90

    dryhopped grisette, fermented with our wild house culture of grapes. It was dryhopped with local, natural Spalter Select, which gives subtle aromas of grapefruit, lime, honeyflower, watermelon and white pepper. Weide is a refreshing, dry, mildly complex and bitter table beer with a relatively low ABV, making this a very approachable and enjoyable apéritif year-round. Bottled in October 2017 with a BB October 2018

  • Lervig House Party

    € 1,69
  • Yazoo Grisette

    € 10,72
  • Siren Suspended in Cans

    € 3,25

    Hazy Pale Ale hopepd with Citra. "Our popular "Suspended in..." range, now in cans! Check the gyle number to find the hop focus of your can."