Blond - Amber

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  • Alcohol: 5.7%
  • Stillwell Merryweather

    € 12,29
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  • Stillwell Shiro

    € 13,40

    "Containing threads brewed over almost a year (including, at 25%, the very light and oaky batch #1, its first appearance in a blend). Shiro is deep, tart, fuzzy and fun. The blend, 860L total, was re-fermented on more than 600 lbs of Nova Scotia-grown Shiro plums for several months prior to bottling. Crush and/or consider."
    Brewed Apr 2017-Feb 2018, Bottled Winter 2018

  • De la Senne / Pravda...

    € 2,29

    "Schieve Kolos is a collaboration brewed with our friends -Yuri Zastavny and Marco Cervetti- from the Pravda brewery in Lviv, Ukraine.
    It turned out a saison which highlights rustic cereals (spelt, rye and wheat) and has been dryhopped with a Ukrainian hop variety, Zachrava. Her color is blonde with a coppery hue. Her appearance is slightly cloudy and she has a creamy foam. Her nose evokes fresh yeast, cereals and hops. On the palate, there is a particular fruitiness reminiscent of wild strawberries, as well as notes of apricots and white flowers, and a very light touch of nutmeg. She has a delicate and refreshing bitterness, with a pleasantly mellow body."