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  • Fantome d'Automne

    6,20 €

    Vintage 2022

  • Stillwell Glou

    13,40 €

    "This year's bottling of Glou was assembled from 10 carefully selected - balanced oak barrels of saison (aged 8-18 months) to which we added 1,000 lbs of NY Muscat pomace from Benjamin Bridge. The result is a harmonious and fun beer; candy on the eye and nose, complex and compelling on the palate."
    Brewed late 2017 - 2018, Bottled Feb. 2019

  • Stillwell Preach

    13,40 €
    : 2

    A blend of tart - mature foeder- and wine barrel-aged farmhouse ales refermented to dryness in barrels with whole Nova Scotia-grown peaches. Brewed

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  • Stillwell Sook

    13,68 €

    "All Czech Saaz stainless steel-fermented grisette. Light, bright, fun, funky, bitter, refreshing."

  • La Source Mésange

    4,85 €

    "Mésange is our expression of balance. A light Saison. Quick soured and then barrel aged on our house culture. Slightly wild,, slightly hoppy but above all very drinkable.

  • Atrium Florita

    3,09 €

    Saison with Hibiscus, Orange blossom and Yuzu. BB is June 2022

  • Atrium The One

    5,99 €
    : 3
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  • De la Senne Saison van de...

    2,67 €

    Saison van de Bruwer is a spelt Saison, dry-hopped and fermented with added Brettanomyces. It is blond, opalescent; its very persistent foam is creamy and fine. Very aromatic and fruity, its nose is reminiscent of pineapple, quince, apricot, and gooseberry. A ‘funky’ touch, typical of Brettanomyces, completes the picture. In the mouth these same flavors are intensified and accompanied by notes of cereals, a floral touch, and a final that evokes lime zests.
    Its attack is mellow, but its finish is dry and bitter — typical character traits of the 1920s Saisons.

  • Cyclic Beer Farm Digresión

    8,32 €

    "A blend of 28% mixed fermentation saison (6 months), 28% mixed fermentation saison (18 months), 22% sour saison, 22% mixed fermentation saison (6 months in oak)."

  • Siren Gather and Store

    7,35 €

    "This Autumnal sour blend is drawn entirely from beer aged and re-fermented in red wine barrels, showing beautiful mature grape character. Expect citrus and berry aromas, rustic sweet barley, fresh stone fruits, balancing acidity and drying oak tannins. "

  • Stu Mostów WILD 10 Mixed...

    7,69 €
    : 4

    Saison with Elderflower, Lemon Verbena and Acacia Honey. "10th beer from our rustic Wild series. We started the brewing process by creating a multi-grain base consisting of barley, wheat, rye and oats. We then hopped it with small amounts of our favorite German hops and fermented it with Belgian yeast strains in steel vats. After the first phase of fermentation, it went to oak barrels, in which our Wild number 8 - Bière de Table, was previously and we inoculated with a mixture of our home-made Brettanomyces yeast and LAB bacteria. When the secondary fermentation was completed, we conditioned the beer with the addition of local, hand-picked elderberry flowers and lemon verbena. After bottling, it is conditioned with the addition of 100% local acacia honey. "

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  • Stu Mostów / Little Earth...

    5,76 €

    "Biere de Table is one of the first non-fruit releases in the #Wild series. Brewed in collaboration with the Little Earth Project in November 2019. Our partner is a brewery located in Suffolk, famous for its historic and wild beers that are fermented with local wild yeast and bacteria. We couldn't miss this opportunity and decided that this beer would be co-fermented with our own wild yeast blend and Little Earth home strain, harvested from apple skins from their own farm in Sudbury, UK. We chose only the best barrels from this small vat, and then mixed them with 10 percent aged Saison fermented with brewing and wild strains. "

  • Alvinne's Fellowship 2020...

    23,93 €

    "Alvinne Fellowship 2020 Ale No 6: Spontaneous Fermentation (40%) blended with mixed fermentation farmhouse sour with quince (60%). 15 month BA on Bordeaux."

  • La Sambre Socoron

    13,60 €

    "Socoron (or Socouran) is the name used to designate 6 row winter barley in Wallonian dialect and translates as "Escourgeon" in French. It is one of our traditional saison. It’s brewed with malted and raw local 6 row winter barley. This grain is more challenging to work with and has a much lower yield which explains its rarity in modern beer. However, the challenges it creates are worth facing to get its deep rustic profile with earthy and bready notes. A traditional farmhouse yeast strain combining high attenuation and a complex fermentation profile that displays white spices, lemon, grappes and grassy herbal notes. An authentic farmhouse beer, Brewed in our 800 years old farm."

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  • Le Détour Saison Bio

    2,62 €

    Saison brewed with organic ingredients. BB is December 2021

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  • Le Détour Saison Barrique

    3,30 €

    "A lactic fermented saison aged 9 month in chardonnay barrels. This is a tart, clean and refreshing saison with white flowers and apricot aromas. "

  • La Malpolon Saison du Chai

    11,91 €

    "Cette bière est une ôde aux fermentations mixtes, une déclaration d'amour aux traditions brassicoles belges à la sauce héraultaise. La cuvée 2021 de la saison du chai est issue d'une assemblage de six de nos meilleurs tonneaux ayant accueilli les différentes bières pendant 10 mois en moyenne. Au détail : 80% de saisons bien céréalières ensemencées avec différentes souches de levures "fermières" se marient harmonieusement à 20% de bière acide de fermentation mixte. Résultat : une bière complexe, rustique, vineuse, dont la longueur appelle les discussions passionnées entre amis... Bonne soif !

  • Cyclic Beer Farm Gravel

    7,98 €

    Saison with grapefruit and dry hopped with Mosaic and HBC 630.

  • Cyclic Beer Farm Hoppy Saison

    4,25 €

    "Saison is our no nonsense Belgian style farmhouse beer. Aroma and flavor is driven by our house mixed yeast/brett culture that give notes of citrus fruit and light spice. A generous use of continental hops and 100% Belgian Pilsen malt balance out the yeast character to create a dry, refreshing and easy to drink beer!" BB October 2021

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  • Cyclic Beer Farm Saison

    3,99 €

    "Saison is our no nonsense Belgian style farmhouse beer. Aroma and flavor is driven by our house mixed yeast/brett culture that give notes of citrus fruit and light spice. A generous use of continental hops and 100% Belgian Pilsen malt balance out the yeast character to create a dry, refreshing and easy to drink beer!"

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  • La Mule Straight Saison

    2,82 €

    Brewed with Spelt and Wheat.

  • Bellwoods White Picket Fence

    11,55 €

    "A symbol synonymous with Bellwoods Brewery; our White Picket Fence has undergone a complete overhaul and its repurposed form much better reflects the direction of our brewery. Premiering at Witchstock, this first batch of the newly transformed White Picket Fence is brewed with the addition of wheat, oats and rye and fermented and conditioned in foeders for 6 months, blended with fresh saison, then gently dry-hopped before bottle conditioning."

  • Burning Sky Saison de Pêche

    15,47 €

    "A special release if our Saison Provision, this beer was aged on a mix of whole yellow and white peaches for three months. Delicious redolent fruit flavours married with our classic house acidity gives us a beer to truly savour."

  • DOK Amy Farmhouse

    14,44 €

    Funky farmhouse ale aged in white wine barrels. Fermented with a blend of Brettanolyces and Fantome yeast.

  • Kemker Aenne

    9,76 €

    "Aenne is our hoppy Saison. Brewed with a good amount of Styrian Golding hops in the coolship. Notes of citrus, pine and green tea."

  • L'Ermitage Summer Krump

    14,22 €

    "Saison légère et acidulée, fermentée avec un cocktail de levures et de bactéries lactiques. Nous y avons ajouté une quantité généreuse de bergamote, de yuzu et de mandarine qui lui confèrent de délicieux arômes rafraîchissants d'agrumes et cette magnifique couleur jaune vif." BB is May 2022

  • L'Ermitage Saison de...

    2,45 €

    Dry-hopped Saison

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  • Fantome Santé 24

    10,55 €

    2021. Exclusive brew done every year for a good deed.

  • Nevel Minne

    3,67 €

    "Minne - Wild blonde ale with Japanese flowering quince. Minne was made with tiny quince apples from the food forest. Quince symbolises love and friendship, cherishing something or somebody, opening your heart to life. Picking the apples requires dedication, because they cling to their branches like there's no tomorrow, amid long sharp thorns. All you can do is approach them with care and respect, like you would a loved one."

  • Nevel Rust

    6,59 €

    Barrel-aged wild blonde ale with Groene Bel. "The first thing you'll notice about Rust is the barrel character. Not too heavy, but woven into the fabric of the beer like a fine thread. Juicy aromas of sweet tangerine and a fresh touch of watermint create a calm, winelike structure with flavours that stay close together. Underneath are warm, malty notes that form the rich foundation of this beer. The finish has a soft echo of the Groene Bel dryhop, which lays earthy, mildly bitter notes on top of the wood tannins. Rust was aged on oak for 12 months."

  • La Malpolon Chante-Loup 2020

    11,98 €

    "Hybrid of beer (80%) cider (20%), with apples from orchards close to the brewery. Barrel of "natural" cider fermented at the brewery then blended with a saison wort with chanteclerc and patte de loup apple pomace for a mixed fermentation of wild yeasts and kveiks, then aged in white wine barrels for 6 months."

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  • Abbaye des Rocs Roc's Saison

    1,88 €
  • Kemker Mandarina

    14,26 €

    "Mandarina is a blend of barrel-aged saison beers. Brewed with organic barley, wheat malt and spelt. Generously hopped with european aroma hops. The beers in this blend matured on average for 16 months in red wine and Cognac barrels. This blend shows beautiful aging notes but still offers the summery freshness of orange peels, macerated Scheurebe and ripe apples. Bottled April 2022. 640 bottles."

  • Stu Mostów WILD 16 - Bière...

    8,50 €

    "Another instalment of the connoisseurs’ acclaimed line of beers inspired by light wines and ciders. Its base is a unique Saison style blend, barrel aged and then refermented with local raspberries, blackberries, plums – and Rondo grapes (during the brewing process we also used barley and wheat malts and oatmeal). Already bottled, Wild#16 was bottle conditioned for up to ten months."

  • Burning Sky Cherry Saison

    15,53 €

    "Sour Morello Cherries from Kent were delivered to us fresh and added to a nine month old foudre aged saison. Further ageing and refermentation has drawn out a beautiful colour and complexity of cherry fruit, almond and oak flavours."

  • Burning Sky / Thornbridge...

    13,96 €

    "This beer started life in March 2019, brewed with our long term friends at Thornbridge. A portion was released by them as Vicious Circle in 2020. The remainder was sent to us, aged further in our barrels, then blended with a mixed fermentation saison. A true representation of both breweries’ barrel ageing projects, we have come full circle."