Barley Wine


  • Kees Barley Wine

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  • To Øl Beastly Biscuit


    Long time boiled barley wine. Brewed and bottled by Buxton.

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  • Alvinne Alvinnter is Coming


    Barley Wine aged on Calvados - Pedro Ximenez barrels.

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  • Kees Barrel Project 18.08


    Barley Wine aged in Craigellachie Whiskey barrels.

  • Siren Maiden 2016


    "On Wednesday 8th February we held our annual Maiden blending day, where we brought together all of the aged barley wine and fresh beer to create the final beer that will stand before you in bottles this year. We eventually settled on a blend that contains 16.66% fresh Maiden, 8.33% Armagnac, 8.33% Banyuls, 8.33% Heaven Hill, 41.66% Red Wine and 16.66% Rum. Guests on the day included some of the Wild Beer Co and HonestBrew team.

  • Siren Maiden 2017


    The 2017 blend contains beer from Rum, Bourbon (including Heaven Hill - Jim Beam), Red Wine (French Oak), Tequila and Auchentoshan Single Malt barrels, along with about 15% made up of fresh Maiden. The aroma truly sings this year with red wine and berry notes prominent, before pillowy soft marshmallow on the palate gives way to spirit and spicy wood undertones. The blend rounds off with a long, rich finish.

  • Kees / De Molen Frick - Frack

  • Alvinne Melchior...

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  • DDVD Korenaar L'Ensemble

  • Naparbier Forever - Again


    Barley Wine aged in Red Wine Barrels.

  • Kees / Zagovor Vapour Trail


    DDH (Double Dry SPiced) Barley WIne with cinnamon, cardamon - tonka.

  • DDVD Korenaar L'Ensemble...


    Barley Wine aged for 6months in new oak barrels.

  • Kees Barrel Project 18.15


    Barley Wine aged in Tres Hombres barrels

  • DDVD Korenaar L'Ensemble di...


    Barley Wine aged in Italian red wine barrels.

  • Sori Anniversary Barley...


    Barley Wine aged nearly a year in Cognac barrels.

  • Alvinne's Felowship 2018 -9...


    Label description: "Nine rings for nine mortal men to die, nine beers for nine mortal men to enjoy. This last one is a dangerous one, be careful. Cuvée d’Erpigny was aged for 20 months on a Chateau Moline red wine barrel (Bordeaux/Medoc) and was icebocked. This was blended with a blend of Cuvée de Mortagne and Cuvée d’Erpigny aged for 10 months in an American oak first time used Chateau des Combes red wine barrel (Bordeaux St-Emilion)."

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  • Siren Maiden 2018


    Our anniversary beer is an American-style barley wine, aged in a variety of spirit and wine barrels before being blended back together with a percentage of fresh beer to create each year's vintage. Maiden 2018 has a beautiful aroma of caramel, almond and oak with some fresh fruit notes, giving way to flavours of vanilla, raisin, spice, sherry, nuttiness and a delicate hop bitterness. It drinks smoothly with a soft mouthfeel and a long, complex finish."

  • Alvinne Pays d'Erpigny


    Blond Barley Wine.

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  • De Moersleutel Bumps Ahead


    Dry-Hopped Barley Wine.

  • DDVD Korenaar Rien Ne Va Plus


    Malt-Port sweetness of Port combined with the complexity of beer. 3 year Barrel Aegd.

  • Struise / Hoppy People...


    Blond Barley Wine.

  • Lervig Paragon 2018


    "Our Barley Wine is the most special beer we make, being produced only once every year. It’s a blend of different bourbon barrel-aged vintages that have spent more than a year in wood. We blend the different barrels, and add a bit of freshly brewed Barley Wine to obtain the best possible version.

    This year, the Barley Wine was brewed using a double-boil technique in which we evaporate the beer to a high concentration of sugar, add water back to the wort, and then boil it down again to increase Maillard reaction processes and build up some intense caramelization. We went easy on the hops to allow the malt and bourbon characteristics inherited from the barrels to be the champions of this beer."

  • Kees Barrel Project 19.09


    Barley Wine aged on Early Times Bourbon Barrels.

  • De Moersleutel / Central...


    White Chocolate Cream Puff Barley Wine (brewed with vanilla, cacao nibs and lactose)

  • BFM Degustator Goumi Bärliner


    Strong Berliner Weisse brewed with gummy bears (2%).

  • Alvinne Cuvée Erpigny Moscatel
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    Alvinne Cuvée Erpigny Moscatel


    Dark Barleywine aged for 9 months on Moscatel Barrels.

  • Alvinne Cuvée Erpigny White Port
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    Alvinne Cuvée Erpigny White...


    Dark Barleywine aged for nine months on Quinto do Porta White Port barrels.