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  • Brand: Brouwers Verzet
  • Verzet / Burial Banjo Funeral


    Belgian-style quadrupel with grilled cherries and smoked malts (by the brewers)

  • Verzet Moose Blues

  • Verzet Kameradski Balsamico


    Vintage 2019. Blend of Sweet - Thick Imperial Stout (16%) with Sour/Acetic Oud Bruin (Lots of Balsamico notes).

  • Verzet Baby Jesus


    Imperial Porter with Coffee

  • Verzet Barrel Aged Baby Jesus


    Gouden Carolus Single Malt Whiskey BA Imperial Porter with Coffee

  • Verzet Naked Kameradski


    Base Imperial Stout used for the Kameradski Balsamico

  • Verzet Mighty Matroesjka


    "Experience the mystery of Mighty Matroesjka. At first sight, she's sweet as dried fruit and honey. A souvenir from her stay in Jamaican rum barrels. But don't be mistaken, this Russian Imperial stout also infiltrated like a true KGB-agent in Sherry barrels. Making her burning hot like a Siberian stoven. The ideal solution when you are freezing your ass off.
    Nashe zdroróvje!"

  • Verzet Ants Pants


    "Three fruitless meetings, hours in front of your computer, your eyes are blood red, your head is full and your bucket of peer annoyances are full. Physical work saves you! Turning off your brain and getting your hands dirty, that's what you need. This porter is an ode to that physical toil. Not coincidentally, a beer style that originated to refresh the dockers. Let us celebrate the mindfulness of demolishing walls, rooting in the earth and moving things. Afterwards, with a view of what has been accomplished, we can fully enjoy this well-deserved thirst quencher. Long live labour! This new bootleg is a London Porter of 4.8% alc. This beer is a smooth drinker and is full of roasted notes and caramel malts with a nice bitter aftertaste"