De la Senne / Dieu du Ciel Super Crisse!

"A collab we did with our friends from Dieu du Ciel brewery in Montreal, Quebec. Brussels and Quebec share plenty of things, including our fantastic array of swear words. 'Crisse!' is one of the iconic curses from La Belle Province, and we thought it deserved its own beer... Our friends insisted on calling it a 'Triple du Nouveau Monde.' Indeed, it's a fairly robust blonde (7.5%), packed with a good dose of spelt and fermented with our in-house yeast for that Belgian twist. However, it's heavily hopped with North American hops (from the USA to be precise), carefully chosen by J-F, who is the master brewer of DDC. The result is a super aromatic beer, bursting with exotic fruits like pink grapefruit, passion fruit, starfruit, prickly pear, and yuzu. This fruity explosion is complemented by complex floral notes and backed by a slightly resinous touch. Its bitterness is subtle but present (we make beer, not fruit juice!), balanced by a nice, soft body, with a low CO2 saturation to up its drinkability. A beer that brings a bit of summer to the heart of this gloomy winter and that will warm you up pleasantly!"


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