Blonde - Ambrée

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  • Alcool : 6.1%
  • The Garden Hazy IPA Hop...

    3,63 €

    "Juicy, dank and refreshing with troppical and Passion Fruit aromas"

  • Misery Mogador

    6,16 €

    "Cette NEIPA est le résultat de plusieurs mois d'essais, c'est probablement la bière qui nous aura pris le plus de temps. Que ça soit sur la recette ou les démarches pour trouver le houblon le plus frais possible. Elle est florale, jasmin, délicatement houblonnée et parfaitement pintable"

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  • Verzet Spunky Speedo

    2,21 €

    "Three fruitless meetings, hours in front of your computer, your eyes are blood red, your head is full and your bucket of peer annoyances are full. Physical work saves you! Turning off your brain and getting your hands dirty, that's what you need. This porter is an ode to that physical toil. Not coincidentally, a beer style that originated to refresh the dockers. Let us celebrate the mindfulness of demolishing walls, rooting in the earth and moving things. Afterwards, with a view of what has been accomplished, we can fully enjoy this well-deserved thirst quencher. Long live labour! This new bootleg is a London Porter of 4.8% alc. This beer is a smooth drinker and is full of roasted notes and caramel malts with a nice bitter aftertaste"

  • Lervig Tasty Juice Tropical Milkshake
    • Nouveau

    Lervig Tasty Juice Tropical...

    5,66 €

    "Inspired by one of our most popular IPAs, this hazy Tropical Milkshake IPA is loaded with oat and wheat malt, and a touch of lactose to soften the mouthfeel with a pillowy creaminess. The two huge additions of Citra, Mosaic & Ekuanot hops directly into the fermentation tank contribute to the juicy fruit notes, while some extra tropical goodies like coconut, pineapple and mango are added just before packaging to kick up the tropicality. Finally, a touch of vanilla is dosed in to enhance the milkshake effect."

  • La Source / Zythologist Honu
    • Nouveau

    La Source / Zythologist Honu

    3,50 €

    COCONUT IPA "For this collab with Zythologist, big big up to Hawaii and our common love for IPAs! A generous dry hopping (Citra/Mosaic/Enigma) over which we added coconut shreds."