Sour w. Fruits


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  • Alcohol: 8%
  • De Leite Cuvée Soeur'ise

    € 3,60
  • Alvinne Phi Smoked Pineapple

    € 3,99

    Phi (Blond Sour) aged with Smoked pineapples.

  • Alvinne Sigma Wild Forest

    € 3,91

    Sigma (Dark sour) macerated with Forest Fruits (Blackberries, Blueberries and Raspberries) for over 2 months.

  • Alvinne Phi Rabarber

    € 3,99

    Phi (Blond Sour) aged with rhubabrb

  • À Tue-Tête Vendange Blanche...

    € 18,93

    Vintage 2021. "Barrel aged goldens sour ale, with Sauvignon grapes."

  • Alvinne SloePhi

    € 14,83

    Phi aged with Sloeberries.

  • Alvinne Phi Zilverbes...

    € 14,83

    Phi aged with Silverberries.

  • La Source Estivale

    € 6,34

    " A Seasonal beer to celebrate summer! We blend together organic nectarines and one of our oldest beers matured in white wine barrels."

  • Alvinne Farmhouse Sour 4 -...

    € 4,02

    "Sour farmhouse tripel fermented with apricots"

  • Alvinne SigPhi Blackcurrant...

    € 3,94

    Sigma (Dark sour) and Phi (Blond Sour) Blended and aged with blackcurrant.

  • Bellwoods Vines - Gamay...

    € 16,49

    "This edition is a barrel aged wild ale blended with the recent harvest of 2021 Gamay Grapes. It’s a nod to the Beaujolais Nouveau style, which celebrates young wine, fresh fruit, and bright flavours."

  • Yeast of Eden Lasting Melody

    € 34,67

    "Built from a blend of 2.5-year-old beers 100% spontaneously fermented with native yeast & bacteria, and refermented on Frog Hollow Farm organic O'Henry peaches, Lasting Melody presents a rich experience to the senses. Notes of ripe, juicy peach with freshly baked cobbler intertwine with delicate oak and funk, clasped with a restrained acidity. From us to you, we present Lasting Melody."

  • Alvinne's Fellowship 2021...

    € 24,75

    Alvinne Fellowship 2021 Ale No 1: Cuvée Sofie Vermouth Barrel Aged with Schaarbeekse Kriek (50%) and Sloeberries (50%)

  • Alvinne Phi Rabarber Amarillo

    € 3,99

    Phi (Blond Sour) aged with rhubabrb and then dry hopped with Amarillo hops.