Sour w. Fruits


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  • Alcohol: 7%
  • Loverbeer Beer Brugna 2015

    € 7,89
  • Atom Blend One - Beer Wine...

    € 21,37

    "Our new blended series came about so we can showcase how we take ingredients and techniques normally used to create other products such as wine and cider and apply those to our beers. First in the series is a beer/wine hybrid using Cab Sauv grapes from the Western slope of Colorado. We conducted a punch down on the grapes twice a day for two weeks and then let the beer rest on them for 6 months. We then removed the beer off the grapes and blended it once more with 25% of our golden sour base to create the final product."

  • Atom Peach Sour

    € 20,01

    "Golden Sour base beer aged for 6 months in used Zinfandel barrels, then added two pounds per gallon of fresh Palisade peaches to the barrels for an additional 6 months. Finally, an additional pound per gallon of peaches were added for two more months prior to bottling."

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  • AF Brew I Got Mango Worms

    € 5,50

    Sour Fruited NeW England IPA w. Mango, Peach and Passion Fruit.

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