Unblended Lambic


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  • Alcool : 6.7%
  • 3F Golden Doesjel 19/20...

    56,40 €

    Season 2019-2020, Assemblage #41. Bottled on 13/02/20. "The one that knows it all, still has to be born” as Armand would say. From time to time, we still get surprised by some of the results after blending lambics. Like this Golden Doesjel. While it was intended to be a Golden Blend, and despite the use of very potent jyoung lambic, the fermentation in the bottle did not continue. And it remained flat. This blend was made with lambics from three barrels, originating from three brews with three different brewers (of which 50% 3 Fonteinen brewed lambic). A nice gentle sipper."